Best Custom ROM for AT&T HTC One X -Choose the best for you [Roger’s One X and Telstra One XL]

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We have already told you how you can root AT&T HTC One X by unlocking bootloader and installing custom recovery. You can also install TWRP touch based Recovery on HTC One X that will give you better control. Now, we are going to tell you about the top custom ROMs that are available for AT&T HTC One X users. One X is a powerful device and custom ROMs developed by unofficial developers are sometime better Processing and battery performance.

HTC One X will be getting Official Jelly bean build but it would take 2-3 months. Right now, developers are trying to port CyanogenMod 10 Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean to AT&T HTC One X and it would take some time for devs to port a successful working custom Jelly Bean firmware to One X. We have already tested and there are many bugs like Camera and video camera not working beside that rotating videos can cause system crash. I think it will take few more weeks for developers to sort out the issue. By the time you can rely on the custom ROM reviewed below.

Best Custom ROMs for AT&T HTC One X

Warning: Installing custom ROM requires root access of your device and rooting voids warranty. Neither we nor the developer should be held liable. You may damage your device, please follow the steps carefully before proceeding.

Clean ROM 2.0 for AT&T HTC One X: Clean ROM is zip aligned and de-odexed and based on 1.88.707.2 RUU. It contains all social networking apps. It has performance and battery tweaks. It also has smooth dithered background. Notes, Tasks, Dock Mode, Most Live wallpaper and more are removed from this ROM. Follow the link below to know more.

Clean ROM for AT&T HTC One X

CleanROM has been updated to version 3.1.1 and touted as lite edition. You will get the latest updated RUU 1.88.707.2 ICS with all bloatware ripped and much faster performance. With CleanROM lite edition HTC One X can clock 7000+ score on Antutu Benchmark.

Download Clean ROM for AT&T HTC One X

Chinese Official MIUI v4 ICS 2.5.18 ROM for AT&T HTC One X: This ROM is based on the official 1.28.707.10 RUU production, the bottom drive stability. The depth streamline of this ROM is (597 MB-> 293 MB), which reduces the download burden. It keeps original camera, photo album, radio, music, BeatsAudio sound. All MIUI core application transplantation, ensure the syndrome of MIUI user experience and all function normal operation, ensure daily use.

Download Chinese Official MIUI v4 ICS 2.5.18 ROM for AT&T HTC One X

Magnolia X ROM for AT&T HTC One X: Magnolia X ROM is based on Asia RUU 1.88.707.2. It is de-odexed, zipaligned, etc. It contains an advance Power Menu. Android graphics rendering has been disabled, and all hardware GPU are enabled in it. Magnolia X ROM has Landscape Rosie and Ultra smooth rosie mod (flattened widgets for faster/smoother scrolling). Want to know more? Follow the link below.

Magnolia X Custom ROM for HTC One X

Download Magnolia X ROM for AT&T HTC One X

Unofficial CyanogeMod 9 ROM for AT&T HTC One X: CyanoGenMod ROM are on the best custom ROM for your Android devices. This ROM is from unofficial CM developers, it has been ported XDA dev member. Touchscreen, Calling, Mobile Data, SMS+MMS, Sound and much more are working on it. NFC, Camcorder, Panorama mode in camera app are not working. Just follow the link below to end up all your queries in it.

Download Unofficial CyanogeMod 9 ROM for AT&T HTC One X

Nocturnal Stock ROM: Nocturnal Stock ROM is based on 1.88.707.2. It is rooted, odexed, de-odexed and has English Setup. This ROM has a Fluidic performance. You will end all your queries when you one on your AT&T HTC One X. Visit the link below to know more in its context.

Nocturnal Stock for AT&T HTC One X

Download Nocturnal Stock ROM for AT&T HTC One X

We would love to hear your suggestion about any of the ROM mentioned here or you want to add some ROM to this list. We will continuously updating you about the latest happening about AT&T HTC One x so stay tuned with us. Other ROMs listed here are not updated so we are on our spree to create a updated list for CDMA HTC One X users. There are few good ROM created by old developers and we will be reviewing them very soon.

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