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How to Setup iCloud Email Account on Android

It is often the case that people are afraid to deviate from their comfort zones, and with so many having become heavily invested in a particular ecosystem, it’s hard to blame them. Beside from the familiarity of sticking with an iPhone, or a Samsung Galaxy, or a Nokia Lumia, for...

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Best Android Tablet 2014: Rejoice Android KitKat

We have seen that tablets have gained more popularity than smartphones and millions sold out during 2013. This is the reason why we are now seeing more manufacturers, products and alternatives reach the market and it is sure that 2014 will bring with it a large selection of top-notch, high-end...

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Best 10 Xposed Framework Modules

Android rooted users are now very much attracted towards Xposed Framework. You can tweak your custom ROM’s using Xposed framework without the need of modifying APK’s, which means you free from the worry of installing a custom ROM on your device. Just use any of the Xposed Framwork and Tweak...