How to speed up Moto X for faster performance

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The Moto X is available in the market with great grip and is a pretty speedy little beast already, due in most part to it near-stock Android OS, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it even faster. There are few tricks that you can play with to get the absolute fastest possible experience out of your Moto X. This will make your device work faster and will give you a very new and quick user experience.



I love ART, the new Android Runtime that will replace the aging Dalvik Runtime in the next version of the operating system, Android 5.0. The Moto X already runs a near stock version of Android will a light sprinkling of Moto features on top, so the interface experience is already pretty much as fast as it gets without going for a Google Play edition device. But if you hit the Developer Options in Settings (Go to Settings > About Phone and tap Build number repeatedly to bring them up) you can switch your runtime from Dalvik to ART and have your apps pre-compiled for faster launching and responsiveness. It’s still a little patchy in KitKat, and not every app works on ART yet, but it’ll give you a taste of the speed to expect in Android 5.0.

Regular update

App developers are constantly looking for ways to improve the performance of their apps and this is also why every firmware update always comes with performance enhancements. So keeping your apps and firmware on the latest version is the best way to ensure system wide performance, from the core operating system to each and every app you using on it. If you’re not using an app then deleting it is a good idea too: no more syncing, updating or background processes sucking up your valuable bandwidth or processing power. This is a good way to speed up your device.

Curb widget love

Full screen fields of glorious information whenever one feel like scrolling, everyone loves widget. To some it’s like having a custom newspaper at fingertips. But all those widgets, whether they are news, weather, Reddit or whatever, are constantly syncing and updating to keep you informed, even when you’re not paying attention. So, if you can live without all those widgets then ditching them will speed up your home screen experience. So do this and enjoy a speedy performance.

Reduced animation

You may not realize this, but every time a new window pops up, a menu appears or you transition from one screen to another like when you hit the recent apps button your Moto X transitions with tiny animations. Though turning these off doesn’t really make your phone any faster, the snappiness of the transitions between elements will make it seem like it is and you will be able to enter information in the window, switch apps or make your selections faster because you’re not waiting for an animation to complete its time on center stage. So try it.


Using apps like Tasker and Greenify

The user who have root can use apps like Tasker or Greenify. Both apps will let you see which apps are doing what, what processes are running in the background and let you manage them all. Tasker, because it requires root, gives you complete control over your device, allowing you to set all sorts of rules, like when to disconnect Wi-Fi, when to dim the screen and other great battery saves and performance enhancing actions. However, Greenify is a little more of a monitoring app, but if you start to learn which apps are running excessive processes you can make wiser choices about which ones you actually want on your phone. You can make use of task killer option. But as most of those tasks you ”kill” will simply start up again after a few moments so hibernation is a much better option.

These are the ways by opting to which you will make your device work faster and will give you a very new and quick user experience.

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