Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Toolkit to Root, Unroot, Backup and Flash Recovery to Stock

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Samsung has always been grateful to people as it always helps them in either ways. It always releases the source codes for its devices, so that people can easily develop methods and ways to hack into the internal system and make changes accordingly i.e. of their choice or that is better. Moreover, the Android community is also present like a helping hand to people to decide the best of their Samsung device. They keep on researching and getting the latest source codes even for her new updates for the devices and these codes help in the easy modification and customization of the device. Unlike other devices, a toolkit has been designed for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which would help to enable various developer options onto the device within a single application.

One Click Root recovery for Galaxy Note 2 N7100 - Toolkit

The Toolkit has been efficiently developed by XDA Developers which is capable of doing all the tasks which is considered difficult by most of the users. The toolkit will automatically install the drivers for Note 2 onto the PC and then enable gaining root access to the device and other prescribed stuffs. Below, we are mentioning the some of the options that a user can perform using this toolkit.

  • Backup and Restore the Galaxy Note II
  • Install Galaxy Note II drivers onto your PC
  • Install Busybox on phone
  • Root the Galaxy Note II
  • Flash Insecure Boot Image
  • Flash Custom Recovery (CWM or TWRP)
  • Use Odin to Download, Extract and Flash the Stock ROM
  • Install APK install files into your phone
  • Push or Pull files to/from the phone
  • Set File Permissions on the phone
  • Create on Odin flashable tar from an img file
  • ReFlash Stock Recovery via Odin

Those users, who donate to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Toolkit Project Development, get few more options like quick picks in which they can store up to 10 programmable tasks for their phone using the toolkit.

Developer options possible through the toolkit are:

  • Flash Stock Recovery and extract + flash Stock ROM to retain manufacturer warranty
  • Pull cache.img; convert to flashable ZIP for ClockworkMod Recovery
  • Root on any ROM via ClockworkMod using SuperSU or Superuser

Users should get worried about the reliability of this toolkit as it has already been tested on International GSM, T-Mobile & Sprint, but the developer have reported that it will work on US Cellular (SCH-R950) and Rogers/AT7T (SGH-L317M) variants too.

Download Samsung Galaxy Note 2 All-in-One Toolkit from here.

Follow the methods below carefully to learn how to install the toolkit onto your PC, after you’ve downloaded it.

Step 1: First of all, launch the toolkit by double clicking on it, then read the important information, with a note which says that the folders having brackets would give problems for few processes in the toolkit.

Step 2: Next, select the components you want to install – Main files of the toolkit, or the drivers where you can copy driver files for the toolkit usage.

Step 3: As soon as you’ve selected the components, the installation process will start with the unpacking of the files and proceed.

Step 4: Soon the installation process will complete and the toolkit will have been installed on to your PC.

Once you’ve installed the toolkit, you need to select the phone model and build – select from the international models, sprint model, T-mobile model and US Cellular model.

  • International model – Android 4.1.1 (Build JRO03C ALIE)
  • International model – Android 4.1.1 (Build JRO03C ALJ1)
  • International model – Android 4.1.1 (Build JRO03C ALJ3)
  • Sprint Model SPH-L900 Android 4.1.1 (Build JRO03C ALJ1)
  • T-mobile Model SGH-T889 Android 4.1.1 (Build JRO03C ALJ1)
  • US Cellular Model SCH-R950 Android 4.1.1 (Build JRO03C ALJ1)

You have to select any of the options and then again a window will turn up with options you want to perform, from here you can select any option you want. It contains 25 steps in it, so that you can choose one to perform it onto your Galaxy Note 2.

The toolkit is very helpful, not only to developers but to other users also who want to do basic operations with their device like: transfers, installing the drivers of the phone onto their PC and root as well. You can even backup data’s and restore the stock firmware.

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