Remove/Delete/Merge Multiple Entries from your Phone Contacts on Android and Gmail

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Contacts are an important component of keeping a mobile phone. Wherever, your known ones are if you have their contact number you always stay connected with them irrespective of the location or time. Keeping contact details of the known ones is the need of the hour.

If you have multiple duplicate contacts in your address book and feels messed up, then don’t worry you do not require any app to help you in resolving this issue. Your Android phone has got a great option which will help you to clean up your contact book by simply merging all repeated contacts into one contact. Your Android phone enables you add contacts from multiple accounts from multiple accounts such as phone contacts, Google account, SIM card contacts and other email accounts, etc. If you have enabled sync on your phone then your phone keeps on syncing all contacts and sometimes because of this multiplicity there is often more duplicates for the entries in your contact list.

Moreover, when you flash a custom ROM or stock ROM or wipe the phone data so you must be worried about your contact details on your phone, solution to the problem is, as soon as you login into your Google and other email accounts then your phone starts syncing the saved contacts into your device which results in duplicate contacts. Many a people import contacts from a pre-existing backup source and this also results in duplication of your contacts.

This article will help you to remove/merge/clean your duplicate contacts by providing perfect solution

Remove or Delete or Merge Multiple Entries from your Phone Contacts on Android and Gmail

Efficiently Manage Your Phone Contacts:

Facing the problem of having duplicate contacts? Here we will provide you some of the tips so that you don’t get messed in this type of problem.

Open your phone’s contact and then select “Merge Contacts”, your phone will start scanning your entire phone book and then give you details of the duplicate contacts and also will enable you to choose whether you want to merge all contacts with matching details such as phone number and email address, etc. This way your phone will merge all the duplicate contacts that are found.

When the merging process has completed, open your contacts and check whether all the duplicate entries are gone or not. If you still see the duplicate contacts then select “Contacts to Display” and then select a single source like your Google account where the phone will display the contacts.

How to Add or Remove Accounts:

If your contacts are synced online with your email account then there will be very less chances that you lose any contact. Also, if you choose online accounts to sync to get available contacts you can decrease the chances of your phone having duplicate contacts. To do so, open the Contacts app and then tap on the options key to find the “Accounts” option and select it. You will see a pop-up with the list of active accounts from where your phone is fetching and syncing phone book. Here you can add or remove an online account. Moreover, if you want Facebook, Twitter, MSN, etc. Or any non-Gmail contacts to appear in the phone book then you can add an account by selecting “Add Account” button.

How to Enable the Option “Show Contacts with Phone Number Only”:

If you want to see phone contacts with a number only then you will have to enable the option, we will tell you how. Moreover, if your phone’s contacts app is showing the email contacts from Gmail or other contacts and you do not want your phone to show them, you can easily remove those contacts. Just open contacts and select “Settings”, and then select the option “Only Contacts with Phones”.

How to Remove Duplicate Contacts from your Gmail Account:

If you own an Android device, it is essential that you have a Google account. This way you can also help yourself to get rid of the duplicate contacts.

First of all, login to your Gmail account, and then select “Contacts”. Now, you can visualize all the contacts synced from your phone into Gmail.

Now, to remove duplicate contacts, select “More” and then select “Find & Merge Duplicates….” you will be able to see the entire duplicate contacts list. Then, select “Merge” and then all the duplicate contacts will get merged.

To be on the good side, if the auto sync option is enabled on your phone then the duplicate contacts will be removed from your device also.

How to Add/Import Backed Up Contacts to Gmail:

You must be aware of the fact that you can even create a manual backup of the contacts on your phone. If you don’t know how, we are telling how to do it. Open the contacts options and then select “Import/Export” option and then select “Export to SD Card”. Your contacts will be backed up in the SD Card with an extension “.vcf” and will look alike something “00001.vcf”. The file is saved to root/main directory by default of the internal or external SD Card of your device. Just transfer the file to your computer by connecting to it.

Now, to add it to Gmail, open your Gmail account, go to “Gmail” then select “More” and then select “Import”, click on “Choose File” and then select the “.vcf” file and this your phones contacts will be get merged with your Gmail contacts.

How to Export Your Gmail Contacts to Phone [Manual]:

If you want to export your Gmail contacts to your respective device manually, just open Gmail account, select “More” then select “More” then select “Export” and then select the contacts you want to export. It is advised that you choose the “vCard format” as it is for the phones and then finally click on “Import” button. All the contacts you chosed will be downloaded to your PC. Move this file to your phone, then open “Contacts” select “Import/Export” and then select “Import from SD Card” and then select the file you transferred on your device with a extension “.vcf”.

This way you can easily keep a check on your phone book and it is expected that there will be very less chances that you lose any contacts. Let us know if you want to know something or have any problem, we promise to help you always.

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2 thoughts on “Remove/Delete/Merge Multiple Entries from your Phone Contacts on Android and Gmail

  1. Interesting problem I’m having. I have a Droid 4, and just got the 4.1.2 upgrade. There is NO merge option in my contacts. ANYWHERE.

  2. Jeremy Meldrum says:

    I just got a Galaxy S4 and like is so far. I had duplicates in the google when they were synced down to my phone. Since then I cleaned up the duplicates online in my google account. The changes appear to not be syncing down to me phone. You said this “To be on the good side, if the auto sync option is enabled on your phone then the duplicate contacts will be removed from your device also.”

    How I do that?

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