How to Record – Screen cast, Google hangout and Skype calls without root

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We all want to save data or record and for that the best gadget we have is our Smartphone. Recording of video calls and screen casts on an Android is really very easy as long as you’ve rooted your device but without it it’s nearly impossible. However you might find some solutions that let you record a screen cast on an un-rooted Android but it require the device to be connected to a desktop system which might not suit your needs.

There are many people who don’t want to root their devices as they are afraid about the bricking of the device and other risks involved. The most important fear is of losing the device’s warranty. However for them this given step-by-step tutorial will show you how you can record your screen. The app used for this is feature rich and it gives you a countdown timer before recording begins, and it highlights the gestures as you make them on your device. There are many customization options for controlling how the app records. The videos are saved in the MP4 format.

This app is 100% free but it comes with the some caveats which are given below:

  • The video will have a watermark at the bottom
  • You will be able to record sound as well as video
  • You will need to connect your phone to a desktop once to set the app up but not after this.



  • First of all you need to enable USB Debugging on your device and for that you must enable developer options. The Developer options are enabled in Settings>About Phone and for devices running Android 4.2 and above, tap the build number 7 times to enable it.
  • Once it is enabled the Developer Option will appear in the Settings app then Scroll down and enable USB debugging.

How to Record – Screen cast, Google hangout and Skype calls without root

Step 1- You need to install two apps among which one will be on your Android device and one on your desktop system. They are given below and you need to install the apps on your device and your desktop.

Step 2 – Launch the app on your phone and on your desktop and follow the on-screen instructions you get on your desktop.

Step 3 – When prompted, click the Install USB Driver Button and once installation is complete, click next but make sure you do not connect your Android device until you are prompted.

Step 4 – Once the driver has been installed, click next.

Step 5 – Now on your Android device, launch the app and then connect it to your system. Click Next. Once setup is complete, the app will prompt you to disconnect your Android device. You can exit the app on your desktop.

Step 6 – The Recordable app on your Android device can now start recording so launch it, and tap the record button as indicated on the app’s home screen and start recording. This app will record all incoming and outgoing sound.

This is all what you have to do if you want to Record Screen cast, Google hangout and Skype calls without root access.


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