Play any PSP game on your Nexus Tablet

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PSP gaming has been in regular use before Android devices came with features of mobile gaming. Why carry a PSP when you have an Android device with you. At an early age, PSP hacking grew at an exceptional rate. With good intentions developers utilize bugs in PSP’s firmware for allowing unsigned games and apps to run.

Use of this led to game piracy rapidly by the introduction of ISO loaders from memory stick which resulted in the suffering of the sale of PSP games. So, the PSP got replaced by PlayStation Vita giving a new life on PC’s and Android devices with multiple PSP emulators.

PPSSPP (prototype emulator) was released in the Play Store earlier this year which was created by developer Henrik Rydgard. With its release, playing PSP games on the Android devices came into existence.

How to Play all PSP games on Nexus 7 Android Tablet

Download PPSSPP

  • Download and install PPSSPP from Play Store to your Nexus 7 tab.
  • Gold version is available at $5.99 which helps support future development of PPSSPP.
  • The features of free and Gold version are identical but differ in the support of PPSSPP’s future development.
  • PPSSPP comes with no pre-loaded games due to legal issues.
  • Surplus of games is available for PPSSPP over the Web.

Tip: It’s illegal to download the PSP game backups if you don’t own the game. Games are available in ISO and CSO formats.

Using of PPSSPP: Following are the steps to use the PPSSPP,

  • Download PSP games and put them in the root folder of your Nexus 7 tablet.
  • Launch PPSSPP and tap on Load
  • Be cautious not to mess with the Settings menu unless it is needed for a specific game to Run
  • After doing this it completes.

Tip: Most games run full speed but some may slow down that can be improvised by using a custom kernel with over-clocking. It makes the Nexus 7 perform better for games. Always check compatibility of a game and the PPSSPP forum for a game to run

Games that work are listed below;

  • Little Big Planet
  • Grand Theft Auto : Liberty City Stories
  • Grand Theft Auto : Vice City Stories
  • CastleVania
  • Dracula X
  • God of War
  • Wipeout Pure
  • Legend of Heroes
  • Dragon Ball: Evolution
  • Puzzle Quest and many more..

Deleting PPSSPP app

To delete PPSSPP app just delete it from the device. Games can also be deleted by accessing the root directory using a root file manager.

Useful Link for PPSSPP

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