HTC Quick Root Tool for Rooting any HTC Android phone or Tablet

One Click HTC Root easily Rooting Android devices has always some risk bundled with it. Developers are creating automated tools that run adb commands in the background to provide a easy less risky rooting method. You will see many automated tools available for different devices. XDA dev forum member lyriquidperfection has created and introduced a new revolutionary tool exclusively for […] Check it out →

How to Check Battery Percentage – get on Status Bar

How to check Battery Percentage on Android We will provide a detailed guide on how to maximize your Phone or Tablet’s battery performance but before that we want to make sure that you know how to track your battery run time. Android already has a simple setting to check battery Status and detailed uses. We have also added information about a simple status bar […] Check it out →

How to Enable USB Debugging in Android Phones

Enable USB debugging on Android Android allows user to debug or modify the code by executing commands through Android SDK. You can do many things with command line like taking screenshots, creating backup of files, Logs, Test unofficial apps etc. This is normally not allowed until your enable USB debugging on your Android device. When you are flashing firmware through […] Check it out →