Optimize Android 4.4 Kit Kat for better battery backup – Tweaks and settings

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Android 4.4 kitkat is now launched and comes with many new features if compared to its predecessor. This new OS will carry many new features and will provide more convenience to users but as to gain something one has to lose something, so if you want to get this OS it will cost your battery life. But no need to worry, in this article we are going to inform you about some setting by changing which you can get more out of your same battery.

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Maximize battery backup on Android 4.4 Kit Kat firmware

Disable Hotword detection

We all are aware about 4.4’s new feature of Ok Google; only because of this your phone turns to such a good listener. But on the other hand, it is highly responsible for killing battery life of your phone. Just because of this your device is always listening, waiting for you to say those magic words.

To protect your battery and to turn that feature off, head to Google Now > Settings > Voice, and disable Hotword Detection.

Use new GPS

Not just the mapping types but many apps have recently found a way to incorporate location-tracking into their offerings. However, these apps eat into a lot of your battery life as they continually work to pinpoint your location. The new OS version KitKat attempts to solve this issue with a new Battery Saving GPS mode, which minimizes the number of reference points used to find your location but in spite of this it’s pretty accurate. So, it’s a good default choice.

To save battery and enable this mode, visit to Settings > Location > Mode, and enable Battery Saving.

Use NFC when needed

This is not a new thing to kitkat but there are many people who don’t use NFC but keep it enabled on their devices. NFC supported phone users should ensure that they enable or on it only when needed. The people those who need to keep it enabled should double-check to see that android Beam is disabled.

For the adjustment of these settings, navigate to Settings > More (under Wireless and Networks) > NFC.

Battery tool

If you are unable to figure out why your battery is draining, make use of the built in power monitor, which displays the amount of power each active app is using. To access this battery tool, call up the notification shade, tap the Quick Settings icon and hit the battery logo. After doing so you’ll see a complete list of active apps, take a look around to see if any are consuming an unusually high amount of power. Your phone’s display and networking processes (like Wi-Fi) are unavoidable. If you find a battery-sucking app which you’d like to shut down then tap it from the list, and hit “force stop “that’s all.

Disable sync

Whenever you add an account to your phone Google assumes that you’d like to sync just about everything. It includes Google Play purchases, Google Keep, and even photos. In all of this the last one is killer i.e. Photos. This is because each time you snap a picture Google uploads it to your account to back it up and for those who use their phone as their primary camera this can lead to a big loss of battery life.

You can change this by heading to settings and finding your email address under Accounts. Then tap the account name again to access sync settings, where you can un-check the items you don’t want synced. Included there is that “Google Photos” option and you can undo it. You can also head to the Gallery app > Settings, and disable Google Photos Sync.

These are certain settings by which you can save a lot of battery and can get away from the problem of regular charging.

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