Make your Android Phone look alike iOS 5: iPhone launchers

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It is not that people using Android don’t like any other operating system. There are people who have equal love for Android as well as iOS (Apple). Liking any of the operating system does not mean that you like each and every thing in an OS. Like Android is presently the most famous and liked OS but people are fed-up of battery issues, as it drains out very soon. Similarly, iOS may not be open source but many like its interface and some would even have searched Google for any methods to try out iOS interface into an Android device. Now, those people need not worry as their search will be ended with a result as you there is a way to install iOS interface into an Android device.

There is no way to port iOS to any Android device but there are some of the useful tools that can make your Android phone look alike iOS and that to without rooting your device. It is suggested that you should try out this article on high-end Android devices because these apps take up a lot of memory and slower devices may find it difficult to cope-up with it.

Read the article carefully to learn how you can make your Android Phone look alike iOS 5.

Make your Android Phone look alike iOS 5- iPhone launchers

Alert: If any of the launcher mentioned here creates any problem then you switch to the default launcher of your respective device.

Here we begin, first of all download all of the launcher apps mentioned below:

Espier Launcher

Espier Browser

iPhone Notifications Lite

MagicLocker Main


iPhone KeyBoard Emulator Free. You will also need the iPhone Theme.

All the apps mentioned above are free; you don’t need to pay any single penny of yours. So proceed with a relieved face!

How to Apply the Downloaded Apps:

Step 1: First of all, launch Espier Launcher, make it your default launcher.

Step 2: Now, go to “Settings > Display > Wallpaper > Espier Wallpapers > Espier Wallpapers”. Make the iOS waterdrops your wallpaper.

Step 3: Now, to create our lockscreen. Launch “MagicLocker Main” and select the iPhone Theme you previously installed.
Step 4: That’s it, now that we have the lockscreen and homescreen we will worry about the texting. For that, first you need to make ChompSMS your default SMS app. Once you are in Chomp, you navigate to “Settings > customize look > greeny. Then, Go back to “customize look” and under “Show Smiley Text as”, select “iPhone Style”. If you want, you can download the emoji pack to enable emoji, but that is up to you. It can be downloaded here for free.

Step 5: Now, for the keyboard, you should already have the iPhone keyboard downloaded if you have followed the instructions mentioned above carefully. Go to “Settings>Locale and Text” and select the check next to “iPhone KeyBoard Free”. Next, under “Select Input Method” choose “iPhone KeyBoard Free”. This will enable the iPhone keyboard.

Step 6: Now, you need to understand Espier Browser, it is very simple to understand. You launch the app and use it like any other browser. It looks very similar to the UI of Apple’s mobile safari. It has a very nice UI and looks so much like Safari.

Step 7: Next, to add the final feature and notifications. After you download “iPhone Notifications Lite”, launch the app. It will direct you to enable it under “Accessibility”. Enable it, once it’s enabled, you will have working banners and alerts.

That’s it! You’ve successfully learnt how to make your Android Phone look alike iOS 5 using iPhone launchers. Do let us know your doubts, we are here to help you always.

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