Make Nandroid Backups on Android without Booting into Recovery [Live ROM backup]

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Nandroid Backup refers to the full firmware backup of your Android phone. If you are an Android geek and keep changing or tuning or ROM then you should keep a backup of your firmware so that you can return to previous working settings anytime. XDA developer member Ameer1234567890 has suggested  a great way of backing up your firmware or Creating a Nandroid backup without rebooting and entering recovery. This is a safe process and you will just need a rooted phone and busybox and terminal emulator installed. This will relieve your from the vicious cycle of rebooting into recovery and then creating Nandroid backup. Although, recovery mode is the best solution for the people who do backup ROM 1 or 2 times. But people like me who keep testing new ROMs and firmware need to create backup almost daily.

Custom Recovery like ClockWorkMod and TWRP are great tools for Android users who continuously play with their firmware. These recovery tools provides us to easily Backup current firmware and flash new firmware. But some time you are unable to access ClockWorkMod or want to perform actions without restarting the device. Here is an easy tutorial that will guide you through the procedure of flashing ROM package without booting into custom recovery. It is very easy to flash ROM or create Backup of ROM using Command prompt, you just need to have the super user access [rooted device] and connect your device to computer in USB debugging more and then you can follow the instructions below:



  1. In order to perform the Nandroid Backup to Android devices such as Mobile or Tablet. You need to root your devices first.
  2. Installation of BusyBox is must. In most of the cases, the rooting process itself install the BusyBox in your device but if it’s still not there, you can install it from here.
  3. Download Online Nandroid Backup v5.3
  4. Also, download Android Terminal Emulator.

How to create Nandroid backup with booting into recovery: 

Installation through Recovery Method: If you are having custom recovery installed on your device then online Nandroid Backup can be installed just through usual installation method of installing zip file from recovery.

  • Download zip file
  • Copy it to sdcard
  • Reboot into recovery
  • install zip from SD card > choose zip from sdcard >
  • Reboot back to Android
  • Onandroid installed

Installation through Manual Method: Users usually use it when custom recovery is not installed on their devices and they still wants to make complete backup before installing a recovery. Online Nandroid Backup can be installed manually –

In this process, you need to extract ‘onandroid’ file from system/bin folder of the zip file which you have downloaded, place it to /system/bin directory of device, also set its permission to 755 (rwxr-xr-x) with any tool you like (such as Root Explorer, ES File Explorer, Super Manager, Terminal Emulator, ADB). Here we are doing it through Terminal Emulator –

  • Download zip file and extract its contents
  • In extracted folder, go to ‘system’ followed by ‘bin’.
  • Place the Onandroid file to the SD card.
  • Install Mount /system (rw / ro) on your device and run it
  • Tap ‘Mount r/w’ to mount your /system partition as writable
  • Launch Android Terminal Emulator and type following commands-
cp /sdcard/onandroid /system/bin/ onandroid
chmod 0755 /system/bin/onandroid
  • Exit Terminal Emulator, Ondroid is installed successfully

Use Ondroid Online Android Backup: Ondroid is an executable script which performs backups from within Android. You can run it through command line via Android Terminal Emulator or from third party GUI apps, written for such script to perform backups.

  • Launch Android Terminal Emulator
  • Type the command

Onandroid GUI: There are few GUIs specially build for onandroid tool, whose aim is to make easier for you to make backup through this tool. Few includes – Onandroid and Online Nandroid Backup

Online recovery for perfoming custom recovery operation without booting into download or recovery mode

It is also included in some other multi-purpose tools which let you perform backups using script such as XDA ROM Hub and App Backup.

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  1. BRavo Singh says:

    Hi Techies

    I am not able to boot my Micromax A54. On switching it on only “Ninja 3.5″ is coming on the screen and its nor booting. How can i get the problem rectified ?
    Can you please get me firmwall of MMX A54.

    Cheers !!

  2. biprajit nath says:

    I am not able to boot my Micromax A54. On switching it on only “Ninja 3.5″ is coming on the screen and its nor booting. How can i get the problem rectified ?
    Can you please get me firmwall of MMX A54.

  3. yogendra sachan says:

    when i run this command it gives this error msg
    “error : myaffs2image not found in path exiting

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