M8S+ TV Box XBMC KODI 1000M Ethernet – Android Smart TV

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Everything device and electrical gadget is slowly and steadily shifting to a zone, where we can call it a smart device. This is basically turning out like an important necessity for all of us. The situation is similar with entertainment as well as work. Nowadays, with the advent of Android devices like TV Boxes, there is no need for you to have any android device with you. You can each and every feature of Android that you need with your TV Box on your television, projector, or any other smart phone as well. The device follows a general idea of sharing information via broadcasting allowing various devices to be turned into smart devices.

M8S+ TV Box XBMC KODI 1000M Ethernet  review

There are many TV Boxes in the market, but not a lot of them come with facilities like the one I use; MS8+ TV Box. As I just said that there are many TV Boxes available in the market, but not all come with 1000M Ethernet facility. Thus, the MS8+ TV Box will meet all your Internet needs when you are at home. All you will have to do is turn on the Wifi and you are set to go. The device is yet to hit the market. The presale starts on August 10, while the makers will start releasing the products later. Thus, before you actually think about buying the MS8+ TV Box, let us just get through a few details about the device.

  1. MS8+ TV Box comes with a free KODI installation with over more that 50 popular add on already available.
  2. The operating system in use is Android 4.4.2 KitKat, which will allow you to use any Android application available at the Google Play Store.
  3. It also supports XBMC, allowing you to play most of the audio and video formats.
  4. The device provides H.265 video decoding coupled with 5G dual Wifi to give you the best video streaming experience.
  5. MS8+ TV Box also allows a 1000M Ethernet or Gigabit LAN, which will certainly make your internet experience a fruitful one.
  6. Apart from all of this, the MS8+ TV Box comes with a 2GB RAM, 8 GB ROM and an expandable facility of 32 GB, allowing you to store all the necessary things that you want to.
  7. The connectivity ports available are HDMI Connector, USB port hosts, infrared Remote Control and Bluetooth 4.0.

There is no doubt about the fact that the MS8+ TV Box will add another level of entertainment to your lives as you will be able to broadcast the video you are watching to your television or the other smartphone in your house. You can also play multiplayer games on your TV with your friends via the MS8+ TV Box.

Considering the number of features available with MS8+ TV Box, the price tag that has been marked on the device is very minimal. In addition, you will also not need a technician to fit MS8+ TV Box on your HD Television.

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