Jelly Bean themed Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y- Ultimate Super Sonic and Next2ICSROM

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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is up and running on many device and Galaxy Y users will be eager to experince the new Android version on their device. Samsung Galaxy Y will not be getting Jelly Bean update and its certain as they did not got any ICS update. The only option is to get a themed Jelly Bean styled ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y. Right now, there are 2 custom ROM available for Samsung Galaxy Y that are fully Jelly Bean themed and performance is also cool. We are reviewing them here: Just root your Galaxy Y and then you can flash these ROMs  and have the Jelly Bean experience.

Ultimate Super sonic ROM with Jelly Bean theme: USSR 4.0 is launched a week ago by veteran galaxy Y developer evanlocked from xda dev forum. He has ripped the Android Gingerbread DXLE1 firmware and deodexed, zip aligned, themed the ROM for Jelly Bean like user interface and fluid performance. The ROM is pretty stable and has lots of features. You will be getting Jellybean Icons, wallpaper, lockscreen from SGS and few more Jelly Bean features. One of the best ROM available for Galaxy Y themed with Jelly Bean, just flash using Custom Recovery and enjoy the Jelly Bean butter experience.

Jelly Bean themed Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y- Ultimate Super Sonic

USSR ROM has been updated to version 5 and now based on latest DXLF1 firmware and features beat Audio, Galaxy S lock screen, Beats  audio and a new setting app that provides better control over User interface.

USSR v5 ROM for Galaxy Y

Next2ICS ROM: Developed by Xda forum senior developer AvijitGhosh82 and based on the most famous Creedv2 ROM. Fully stable ROM without bugs and you will getting Jelly Bean themed, Jelly Bean live wallpaper, ICS themed file explorer, themed chrome browser, JB messaging apps and keyboard, JB boot animation, Office suite pre-installed, JB lockscreen. This ROM has best Jelly Bean resemblance and already great reviews can be found by many users.

Next2ICS Jelly Bean ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y

Next2ICS has been updated to Version 2 and features lot more Jelly Bean goodies inside the ROM. The ROM is stable and provides a great Jelly Bean experience on Galaxy Y with cool user interface. The ROM also features a themed chrome browser for fast internet experience.

Next2ICS Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy Y 

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