HTC Quick Root Tool for Rooting any HTC Android phone or Tablet

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Rooting Android devices has always some risk bundled with it. Developers are creating automated tools that run adb commands in the background to provide a easy less risky rooting method. You will see many automated tools available for different devices. XDA dev forum member lyriquidperfection has created and introduced a new revolutionary tool exclusively for HTC device users. This root toolkit can root, unroot any HTC device or reboot the device in download or recover mode. The Toolkit is already tested on major HTC devices like HTC One X, One X, Sensation XL, Desire S etc. We here by detail the procedure to use HTC Root toolkit to root Android Phones and Tablets.

One Click HTC Root easily

Warning: Neither we nor the developer will hold any responsibility if you damage or brick your phone in the process of following this article. This article in meant for educational purpose only.


  • The article can be used for rooting any HTC Android phone or Tablet. Please do not try this article on any other device leaving HTC.
  • For the Insecure Boot.img method, your device must S-OFF and your insecureboot.img must have set to “0.” You must also not use a patched ADB binary.
  • For the Universal Exploit method, your HTC device should be running on a fully stock ROM that has not been patched by HTC and must have stock recovery installed.
  • Please charge your device so that there at least 70% charge with, so that there will be no Power interruption during the process.
  • You should backup all valuable data’s on your phone, so that there is no data loss during the process.
  • Disable “Fastboot” from your device, go to “Settings > Power menu”.
  • Disable all Security programs like Antivirus and Firewall from your computer and uninstall the same from your phone, as these security programs generally tend to interrupt the process.
  • Enable USB Debugging in your respective HTC device from the path “Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging”. The option of USB Debugging should be ticked.

Download HTC Quick Root toolkit from here to your phone. Extract the contents of “” to your computer. You will get a folder named HTC_QuickRoot_1.1.13_Release.

Procedure to Root any HTC Android phone or tablet using HTC Quick Root Tool:

Step 1: From your HTC device, go to “Settings > Power and disable the “Fastboot” option.

Step 2: Now, connect your HTC Android Device to the computer via original USB i.e. the cable that came with it.

Step 3: Open the “HTC_QuickRoot_1.1.13_Release” folder by clicking on it.

Step 4: Now, click on the “HTC Quick Root.exe” to launch the HTC Quick Root toolkit on your computer.

Step 5: Further, follow all the on-screen instructions you see to root your device.

Step 6: If your device is running on a fully stock ROM, try the “Universal Exploit Method”. If you are using an S-OFF device, use the “Insecure Boot.img” method.

That’s it: you’ve successfully rooted your respective HTC Android device via the HTC Quick Root toolkit. Share your experiences with us or let us know if you face any problem we are here to help you always.

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One thought on “HTC Quick Root Tool for Rooting any HTC Android phone or Tablet

  1. i dont understand what s off or s on is. i have a htc evo view which is all stocked never modded the only thing done to it was OTA updated to honey comb. now what do i do to root device. please help thanks. send email if possible. thanks!!!

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