HTC One E8 – Full Review

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Few of you would have seen and experienced the legendary HTC One M8 which is one of the best Smartphone 2014 will produce. This high-end device is a beauty and its build quality is matched by none. After this the new buzz is about the HTC One E8, a more affordable version of the One M8 that leaves little to be desired. The device is very good and rich in specs and features and can lit interest in any user. The specs and review of the device is mentioned below.



HTC One E8 review


The HTC One E8’s display is one component that won’t disappoint any person and user. The 5-inch IPS-LCD display holds a 1080p resolution panel that offers great resolution, even if the standard is currently being raised to QHD (2560x1440p). Something which one would be not being a huge fan of will be the display’s saturation, which can be bit overkill. The reds often look a bit orange and blacks are amazingly deep, which is rare for an LCD screen. Overall the display is quite good.


Where the other manufacturers continue making their lower-end “Minis”, the HTC One E8 is no slouch compared to the best of the best. Its Snapdragon 801 processor is clocked at 2.3 GHz or 2.5 GHz, depending on your region and it holds 2 GB of RAM. Its 16 GB of internal storage can be expanded via micro SD. The battery holds 2,600mAh of juice, which may sound more lackluster than it actually is.

One was able to get around 16 hours of battery life without cutting off resources. One had Bluetooth connected to Android Wear the whole time, switched between 4G and Wi-Fi, and used about 2 hours of screen-on time. While this is no Droid Maxx, it definitely holds a charge and will not disappoint or make you look for outlets mid-day. It is sad to say that one cool part/feature is missing, though. Both the IR blaster and the TV Remote app are gone, leaving us with no way to control our TVs.


The HTC One E8 is, for all intents and purposes, nearly a plastic carbon copy of the One M8 and it retains all the awesome design qualities that made the M8 such an amazing Smartphone, only differentiating itself by that polycarbonate shell. We found pros and cons about the new design and let’s first note that you can choose between glossy and matte colors. Our unit sports a matte finish with gold trimmings, which happens to be quite a good-looking combination. It’s hard to keep it looking dandy with such a fingerprint-friendly back, though. One main complaint about the One M8 is that the phone is amazingly slippery. However this problem was fixed in the One E8′s design, as the new construction makes it grippy but yet very smooth.

You will find the usual ports and buttons around the device. The camera and flash are well-placed in the back, with the microUSB charging port and 3.5mm headset jack occupying the bottom side. The volume rocker is located on the right side, where a dual-SIM slot is to be found.

The power button is placed in the mid section of the top, and on the left you can find a micro SD card slot. One does have something to say about this power button. HTC heard user complaints, but it seems they didn’t understand them very well as this power button is even harder to reach.


The people who are looking for similarities between the E8 and the M8 will love this device’s software. The HTC One E8 runs Android 4.4.2 and HTC Sense 6, leaving the software untouched. One user happens to be a fan of Blink feed, a social and news aggregator that will remind you of Flip board. You can connect to face book, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and a plethora of news sources. It simple, looks good and works well i.e. that is all a good app needs. Another favorite is Zoe, HTC’s picture software which offers effects, filters and even animation. It’s as easy to then share your creations with the world or social networks.


One can tell right off the bat that this phone lacks nothing other high-end Smartphone tout. Its Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and 2 GB of RAM keep everything running as smooth as butter. Day-to-day tasks are handled effortlessly and multi-tasking is an easy chore. One can also not forget the Adreno 330 GPU, which is just as necessary. The device can handle any game you throw at it without a single hiccup. The people or users who still use the phone for making calls then they should well know that the call quality of the device is good and very clears.


HTC One M7 and M8 cameras are known as great low-light shooting devices, but users haven’t been completely happy with their performance. For the HTC One E8, the manufacturer got rid of the dual-camera set-up and gave the E8 a single 13 MP shooter which will come as a testament that more MP definitely doesn’t mean better images. Though one wishes one could tell you otherwise, the images are washed out and hazy, while low-light photos are grainy and lack detail. The front shooter is also a lackluster, suffering from similar problems.


Overall the HTC One E8 is a great Smartphone and as no device is perfect and so this is and so you will have to measure your preferences. For those who value camera quality may want to look somewhere else as the picture quality has its defects. The build quality of the phone is amazing, even if the Smartphone is made of plastic. The performance is as good as it gets, battery life is astounding and, depending on your preferences, Sense 6 could offer the right experience for your needs.

The device in full is very good and value for money.

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