How to Unroot AT&T Galaxy SII SGH i777 and install Official ICS

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People who have missed Official ICS update for AT&T Galaxy SII i777 because they have rooted their device and now unroot and update to latest ICS package very easily. We are providing detailed Tutorial to unroot and install Stock Android 4 ICS on Galaxy S2.

The process is very similar to previous tutorial where we have told about updating to ICS and rooting it using Odin. You just need to download and flash the Stock ICS ROM using odin and it will Unroot your device.

How to Unroot and Install Official ICS update on AT&T Galaxy S2 i717


1. Backup your device data as you will lose contacts, emails and settings while flashing firmware through Odin.

2. Recharge your device to atleast 60% to make sure you do not face any issues.

3. Enable USB debugging. Go to settings>>Developer options and check the option box.


32 bit (x86) Windows | 64-bit (x64) Windows

Download Odin

Download ICS package for AT&T Galaxy S2[UCLE5]

How to Install Stock ICS ROM to Unroot AT&T Galaxy SII SGH i717:

Step 1: Extract both Odin and ICS package to different Folder. Now, Run Odin on Windows PC. Make sure you have administrative access.

Step 2: Check phone and make sure USB debugging is enabled. Shut down the phone and restart in Downloading Mode. Press and Hold Volume up+ Volume Down+ Power button together and connect the data cable. You will see a warning Sign, press the Volume up button to enter into download mode.

Step 3: Now, you will see a yellow box in ID:Com section that confirms that Phone is connected safely. Now, click on PDA button on Odin interface and select the file named as “I777UCLE5_I777ATTLE5_I777UCLE5_HOME.tar.md5” and Hit start to flash the firmware.

Step 4: It will take few minutes for process to complete please do not try to stop the process or disconnect the cable if it takes long.

Step 5: The phone will restart and normal Android welcome screen will be shown. Shut download and restart in CWM recovery mode. Hold down Volume up+ Vol down + power button for few seconds to enter into custom recovery. select “Wipe Data/Factory reset” and Confirm it.

Step 6: Once done select “Go Back” and then “reboot system now”.

The phone will restart and then you can go ahead and restore all the settings and data.

Tip: you can still enjoy the ICS Custom ROM without rooting your device. Check out the best Custom ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 here.

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5 thoughts on “How to Unroot AT&T Galaxy SII SGH i777 and install Official ICS

  1. Hi… The ODIN is stuck on factoryfs.img. I searched on XDA and they are saying this may mean that my phone is dead!! I’m really really worried 🙁
    To give a little history, I initially wanted to try flashing the ROM using CWM. I downloaded the app off the market but was stupid enough to forget to install appropriate software or whatever reqd for CWM to work in the bootloader mode. I went to the recovery mode, deleted data, wiped cache and couldn’t find the zip file for installation in the external SD (downloaded from XDA and put in external SD’s root). I realized that it could be because I’m not in CWM mode so I rebooted the phone, downloaded the CWM app and installed appropriate software for CWM to work. This time when I rebooted I still did not enter the CWM mode it was just the usual Android’s recovery mode. And it was giving me the file error. I searched around and couldn’t find the reason. I for some reason thought its a good idea to delete the file and try again.. still same problem. Then I decided to try the ODIN method. I followed everything exactly as you have described but now I’m stuck at factoryfs.img. I’m really really really scared that I bricked my phone. What should I do? Is it safe to unplug the phone? Please help me. I’ll be really grateful to you… thanks man!

  2. The SGH-i777 is the AT&T SGSII, not the Skyrocket.

  3. So is this for the SGS2 or the skyrocket?

  4. How do I download the file? It keeps refreshing the page.

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