How to Unlock Sony Xperia Bootloader easily using fastboot

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Sony is coming up with very new android mobiles that are competing with Samsung and HTC. they have launched few phones recently that was appreciated by tech fraternity. Sony Xperia S, Sony Xperia Sola, Sony Xperia U, Sony Xperia P were launched with almost same design but different specs and Android version. Xperia customers who want to root their phone to install Custom ROM or to just get free apps will need to unlock bootloader first. We have created a detailed tutorial that will guide you through the procedure of unlocking bootloader using Fastboot and unlock code received from Sony website. Sony has already made it clear that if you unlock the bootloader than warranty will be void.

how to unlock sony xperia bootloader

Alert/Warning: Tips4Droid should not be held responsible in any circumstances. Please understand that unlock bootloader and rooting voids warranty. Please proceed at your own risk.

Check if your device can be unlocked or not: Dial *#*#7378423#*#* to get into the service menu of your device, Now got to service info>>Configuration>>Rooting status. If it says bootloader unlock allowed then your phone’s boot loader unlocking is allowed by Sony.  

Pre-Requisite to unlock Sony Xperia Bootloader:

1. Ensure that you backup all essential data including apps, pics, media files, settings, mails, contacts etc.

2. Charge your device to ensure that you do not face any issues while following the procedure. We suggest atleast 60% charge before going ahead.

3. Enable USB debugging, go to settings>>developer options and enable the checkbox.

4. Note down the IMEI no. either it’s on the box or you can get it on your phone by keying “*06#” on your dial pad. Note it down on your paper.

5. Switch off the phone and restart in fastboot mode, for this hold the Volume up button and power button together and connect the phone with your PC using data cable. The cable should be connected to PC prior booting into fastboot. Once connected with data cable the fastboot mode will automatically trigger. Windows will ask for the driver location and provide the correct USB driver for your Sony Xperia Device and it will go ahead.

6. As soon as driver is installed you can disconnect the phone and it will restart and enter normal mode.

Now, to unlock the phone you need to get a secret key from Sony Xperia website. Follow the below detailed steps to get the code.

How to unlock Sony Xperia Bootloader

Step 1: Go to official Sony Xperia Boot loader unlock page using Internet on your PC. Click on “Start unlocking the bootloader”. It will ask for confirmation click on “Yes! I’m sure”.

Step 2: you need to provide your  name, IMEI no. and email id. once done just click submit. You will be taken to a download page where you will be provided with a file to download. Download it, and extract it. Further you will also get a unique unlock code, note it down.

Step 3: Now, go the extracted folder and hold the Shift key and press the right click on the background of the folder and select “Open command window here”.

Step 4: Again Switch off your device and restart in fastboot mode as we have done in pre-requisite section. Now, execute the below command in cmd window.

fastboot.exe -o 0x0fce getvar version

It is just to ensure that fastboot is working and phone has been detected. This command will return a value like 0.5 etc. Once confirmed you can go ahead.

Step 5: Execute the below command. Replace “Key” with the unique secret key we got with from the sony website.

fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce unlock 0xKey

Once the procedure is complete, there is a success message. The bootloader has been unlocked now. You can go ahead and root your device.

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3 thoughts on “How to Unlock Sony Xperia Bootloader easily using fastboot

  1. Hi, found your blog via twitter. I accidentally. activated the fastboot mode on my phone – SE Ray, so the LED notification is now blue, but the mode renders the home key useless. how can I disable fastboot mode without going through all the above?

    • Hi Shiku,
      You will need to open CMD and execute command “fastboot reboot” This will reboot phone in normal mode.

      If you are asking anything else, please clarify…

  2. Sir, I followed all your instructions and it worked little fine in the starting. But there was a problem. I connected my Xperia sola in fastboot mode by pressing volume up key and connecting USB cable and the blue light appeared but as soon as Sony’s logo appeared the “blue light” and “the USB driver from the device manager window”, both disappeared. Please tell me what to do now. You would be appreciated to help me.
    Thank You

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