How to Save battery on Quad Core Android devices using QCM+

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Handsets featuring a larger screen and powerful processors feed more battery. It more power is consumed from the battery, it will give less backup. Now, the Android users with quad core processors can save the battery from being over consumed. There are many apps available in the Google PlayStore to save on the battery; however Quad Core Manager+ helps you to save on the battery for all quad core powered Smartphones. To use this app you need to root the device. To know whether your device is rooted or not, you can take the help of “Root Checker” app.

How to Save battery on Quad Core Android devices using QCM+


The features of QCM+

Manual Core Control: this app features a plain and simple user interface with some buttons which allows you to turn off a core and again switch it on.

Persistent Mode: Some of the devices are programmed to control the cores in a haphazard manner, but this feature will restrict the system by providing 100% control over the cores.

ACOO: This feature, called Automatic Cores On/Off service, turns off the cores when you are not using your device (i.e. When your device’s screen is off). The cores are automatically turned on when the device is on. It also gives you the ability to turn on or turn off the cores and also gives the option to have two advanced and alternative models for turning on/off your cores.

Start On Boot: you will have no need to re-open the app to re-launch the ACOO and Persistent Mode. it will automatically start them while booting. This feature is optional and disabled by default. To enable this feature, go to menu and select Start On Boot.

Till 30th July, this app is available for Free, after this ACOO will be available for 15 day Trial. Some donation will be required to use ACOO feature.

Follow the link below to download the app:

Download QCM+: Ultimate Battery Saver

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