How to Root, Unlock Bootloader, Install ClockworkMod Recovery and more on the HTC One V using All-in-one toolkit

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HTC One V was launched with HTC One X but it was shadowed by the over advertisement of One X. Powered by a single Core 1Ghz processor and Adreno 205 GPU running Android 4.0 IceCream sandwich. It had some promising looks but still failed to charm customer who mostly opt for Samsung Galaxy S. Still One V has created good user base and we are regularly asked about the custom ROM and tweaks. We hereby present our latest tutorial on rooting HTC One V. Recently, XDA dev member has launched an All-in-one tool that has made rooting and install CWM recovery on One V very easy for the users. check out the detailed tutorial below. You can also upgrade your One V to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean using custom ROM.

Warning: Neither we nor the developer should be responsible for any damages caused to your phone in the process of following this article. Therefore, please proceed at your own risk.

HTC One V how to root and install CWM recovery- One click toolkit


Step 1: We always suggest a full backup of your Android device before you go for rooting or installing custom ROM. Backup all your SMS, Backup/Export Contacts, Backup APN settings. You can also follow our Tutorial on creating backup of Android device without root access.

Step 2: You should also Backup all apps, if you have not rooted your device yet then follow this procedure to backup apps. If you have a rooted device then use Titanium to Backup and restore apps and cache data.

Step 3: Enable USB debugging on your device, Go to settings>>Developer options and check the USB debug box. If you are not able to get it check our detailed guide on enabling USB debugging on Jelly Bean, IceCream Sandwich and Gingerbread.

Step 4: Always check your battery before performing rooting procedure or installing ROM.If you have low battery status then you may face interruption while the procedure and it may brick your device. Check our tutorial on how to get battery percentage on Status bar.

Step 5: If you are going to install Custom ROM then it’s better to create a full Nandroid Backup of your device. You can also use Custom recovery to create Nandroid backup.

Step 6: We would also suggest disabling security apps and programs like Antivirus and Firewall on your Android device as it may interrupt the procedure.

I am sure that if you take care of above mentioned steps carefully then there is lot less chance of issues. If you face any issues with ROM then you can revert back to previous Nandroid Backup. Also you have all SMS, settings and apps data with you that can be restored anytime.

Download Hasoon2000′s One V All-In-One Kit from here to your computer. Extract the downloaded file onto the desktop of your PC in a separate folder.  

How to Root, Unlock Bootloader, Install ClockworkMod Recovery and more on the HTC One V using All-in-one toolkit:

Step 1: From the folder you’ve extracted the downloaded file, click on “One V 1.0.exe” to launch the kit.

The application which you see, has various options for device, we’ll explain about all those that it can do.

Procedure to Unlock the Bootloader of your HTC One V using All-in-one toolkit:

Step1: As soon as the application is launched, click on “Install HTC Drivers” and then press “GO” to install the necessary drivers for your phone onto your computer.

Step 2: Now, click on “Register at HTCDev” and then press “GO”. This action of yours will redirect you to HTC’s official development website. If you have an account then proceed, if not then create an account and log-in to proceed further.

Step 3: Now, connect your phone to the PC via original USB cable. Next, select “Get Token ID” and a command prompt window will appear on your screen with your phone’s Token ID. You will also have to highlight and copy the entire Token ID.

(To copy your Token ID, click the right mouse button in the command prompt window. A menu will appear. Select “Mark” and highlight the entire Token ID. After highlighting the token ID, press the right mouse button to copy it.)

Step 4: Next, select “Submit Token ID” and submit your Token ID to HTC Development page. After the submission, you will receive a file named “Unlock_Code.bin” via your E-mail ID. Download the file and save it to the Data folder found inside the HTC One V all-in-one toolkit folder.

Step 5: Now, click on “Unlock Bootloader” to begin unlocking of your HTC One V’s bootloader.

Procedure to Flash a Custom Recovery using All-in-one toolkit:

Step 1: After you have successfully unlocked the bootloader of your phone, you can flash custom/stock recovery on your phone. For this first of all, connect your phone to the PC, if you’ve disconnected it after unlocking the bootloader.

Step 2: Now, click on the “One V 1.0.exe” to launch it.

Step 3: Next, from the Recovery section, select the custom/stock recovery you want to install from your mobile phone. You can even select ClockworkMod Recovery as well as Stock Recovery.

Step 4: As soon as you’ve made the selection, click on “Flash Recovery” to flash it onto your phone.

Procedure to Get Permanent Root Access using All-in-one toolkit:

Step 1: Once again connect your phone to the PC via original USB cable if you’ve disconnected it after flashing a custom recovery.

Step 2: Now, click on “One V 1.0.exe” to launch it.

Step 3: Next, from the command section, click on “Boot into Recovery” and click “Do Command”, you will have to wait until your phone reboots completely into Recovery Mode.

Step 4: Now, from the Recovery Mode, select “Perm Root” and then click “Run”. The toolkit will flash all the necessary files automatically to gain root access of your device.

That’s it; choose the option you want to perform with your device as all the option needed is there in this All-in-one toolkit. Share your joy with us or let us know if you have any difficulties, we are here to help in resolving the same.

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  1. Hi

    I have done upto step 3 in “Procedure to Get Permanent Root Access using All-in-one toolkit” and my htc one v never comes back, which disconnected from PC and in screen, it says red hard disk symbol with no progress. Then I powered off and booted normally.

    Let me know if this is usual way to get into recovery mode or my phone has any issues?

    I just unlocked my phone and not yet rooted….. need root access!!!

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