How to Root Sony Xperia P flash advanced Stock kernel

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We have already provided you a detailed Tutorial about Unlocking Sony Xperia P Bootloader and rooting Sony Xperia Sola. Sony Xperia P is also a similar set when compared to Xperia Sola although there may be some hardware and Android version differences but they run on similar kernel and engine. XDA dev member who created the Advanced rooted stock kernel for Xperia Sola has created a version for Xperia P that can root the device and provide superuser access.

Update: Recently, Xperia P was updated to Android 4.0 ICS. Most of the people who accepted the update lost the root access. We have added a new kernel below that can root Xperia P on ICS, the procedure is same.

How to Root Sony Xperia P

Disclaimer: This instructional guide is only meant for educational purpose. So, proceed ahead with your own risk. Neither Tips4Droid nor the developer is responsible for your damage under any circumstances. Follow all the instructions carefully before proceeding.


[Xperia P] Advanced Stock Kernel (File Name: P-DooMLoRD-AdvStkKernel-v01.elf File Size: 6.7MB)

Xperia P ICS root Kernel [ Now you can root Xperia P on Android 4.0 ICS easily]

How to root Sony Xperia P:

Step 1.     First of all you need to download the Kernel.elf file from the above provided link to your Windows based computer. Then, you need to copy / paste this downloaded file to the folder, which contains fastboot binaries, in other words you can say fastboot.exe file.

Step 2.     Then, turn off your Sony Xperia P and restart it in a fastboot mode by pressing and holding Power button and Volume button simultaneously.

Step 3.     When it get into a fastboot mode. Then, run the command prompt on your Computer.

Step 4.     Following command must be use to flash the kernel.elf –

fastboot flash boot kernel.elf

Step 5.  When the command gets processed completely. Then, you should reboot your Sony Xperia P and start it normally to enjoy the kernel.

Step 6: Download an install SuperSU from Android market.

XDA developer forum members are trying to create some good ICS and Jelly Bean based custom ROM for Xperia P. We are tracking them and will keep your updated.

Let us know if you face any issues, we are committed to help you. To get all latest updates about Sony Xperia Phones signup to Newsletter below:

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7 thoughts on “How to Root Sony Xperia P flash advanced Stock kernel

  1. mbah Doger says:


    I do fastboot mode by pressing power_button+volume_up/volume_down but no lucky. Could you explain most specific which combination button and how long to press button..

    many thanks

    • First connect cable to your PC but not your Phone. Now, shutdown and press the power button and Volume rocker button together and insert the data cable into phone’s port. This will automatically Trigger the fastboot mode.
      Hope this will help you…let us know if you face any other issue.

  2. Hi there… at the command prompt on windows I get an error message saying that the device must be rooted first; but this is precisely what I’m trying to do…

    C:\Users\Mega\Desktop\fastboot>fastboot flash boot kernel.elf
    sending ‘boot’ (6893 KB)…
    FAILED (remote: The Device must be rooted first)
    finished. total time: 0.003s

  3. hi there can i ensur that my device boots in fsstboot mode?
    2.when i execute the command (fastboot flash….) it does nothing an says “waiting for device…” what can i do? it necessary to install “flashtool driver”?can you give me a direct link to it?
    tanks a lot.
    i’m in a hurry,please answer my questions as quick as you can.tanks again.

  4. hi all i just bought my sola last week. i’m eager to root since i love rooted android. My question is of course you have to had a boot loader unlocked to install the dev’s kernel but it will of course loose your DRM. I had it last time for my LWW but it seems i don’t wanna loose my DRM anymore. So, guys is there any other method to not losing you DRM? I like to post music via FB. Please respond if you have a time for this.

    • Hi Meister,

      There is lot of complexity in unlocking bootloader without loosing DRM Data. Also, When you would want to re lock your phone with DRM data intact, you will need to go though a lengthy process.

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