How to Root Kindle fire update 6.3 easily using adb commands

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We have already told you about the Kindle Fire all in one utility to Root, install CWM and Gapps on Kindle Fire. Kindle Fire is great device and once you root it there are long list of possibilities to discover the best performance out of it. Recently, Kindle fire was update to Firmware V6.3. We have created a detailed tutorial to root Kindle fire on latest update using adb commands. This is a complex procedure but we have tried our best to make the process easier to understand and execute.

How to ROot kindle fire on Firmware 6.3

Disclaimer: Rooting Voids warranty, its a universal truth. This procedure if fails can brick your device. Don’t Worry you can unbrick your device. We or the developer are not responsible for any issues. However, we would help you with solving any issues. This tutorial is created after research and testing. 


Pre-Requisites forRooting Amazon Kindle Fire on update 6.3:

1. Back up all your data.

2. Minimum battery charge required is 80% on your device.

3. You must have Android SDK and platform tools installed on your PC.

4. Download | twrp2 | su

Step by step guide to rootAmazon Kindle Fire 6.3:

Step1. Copy all the three files into the platform tools folder and Unzip fbmod zip file contents into the platform tools folder.

Step2. Now exactly enter the following commands in Command Prompt-

adb push fbmode /data/local/fbmode

adb shell chmod 755 /data/local/fbmode

adb shell /data/local/fbmode

adb reboot

Step3. Your kindle will “get stuck” on the fastboot mode.Now push the recovery image file to your device by entering the following command:

fastboot -i 0×1949 boot twrp-blaze-2.0.0RC0.img

Step4. Now, your device will boot into recovery mode and prompt you to reboot, after which it will get stuck on yellow triangle. So you have to enter the command:

fastbootoemidmebootmode 5002

fastboot reboot

Step5. Now, gain you have to enter the command in recovery mode.

adb shell mount system

adb push su /system/xbin/su

adb shell chown 0.0 /system/xbin/su

adb shell chmod 06755 /system/xbin/su

Step6. Just then disable root check by entering the commands:

adb shell mv /system/bin/check_rooted /system/bin/check_rooted.bak

adb shell idmebootmode 4000

adb reboot

Step7. Now your device will reboot after which you can install superuse app using the command:

adb install Superuser.apk


That’s it you have rooted yourAmazon Kindle Fire. If you need any further help or face any issue, please feel free to comment here. 

You can also take help from development thread. 

It will be much better if you use the Kindle Fire Root Utility which is perfectly working and compatible with update 6.3. Watch the video below:

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