How to Protect Your Android Apps with Fake Force Close Message

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There are many apps which help you in protecting your apps on your Android device. You can also use PIN or pattern method to do so. This ‘PIN or pattern method’ is quite efficient but it create doubt / suspicion to the people around you and they tries to get the password.


Therefore, I was looking for something more efficient app, which not only secures my apps but also create false impression about itself. Now, finally I got the one and it known as App Locker – Fake Force Close. Although it won’t password protect your app but whenever someone tries to open the protected app it displays a fake force close message and other people think the app is corrupted.


App Locker – Fake Force Close

How to Configure Fake Force Close App Locker

First you need to download and install the App Locker – Fake Force Close on your Android device and visit the app settings. In the setting page, you need to enable the application on your device. There are also some other settings such as validity period and tap count to open the locked app, which you should set according to your requirement. After completing this entire requirement, press the back button. Now, the app will go through all the apps installed on your Android device and lock some of the valuable apps such as Gallery, Messages, mails, Games etc.


You can also filter the apps by tapping the app button on the top. Just toggle the lock status of an app, simply by tapping the app name from the list. The red colored text means the app is protected by a Fake Force Close screen.

App Locker – Fake Force Close


Once you have done with it and then try to open the lock app, it will display a force close message like the one in below. On clicking the OK button, the app will exit and if you click on Force close text thrice (the number of time you configured) then the message will disappear and app will open.

App Locker – Fake Force Close


So, what are you thinking now? Isn’t this app is the best way to protect your apps on your Android devices without throwing attention to others.

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