How to Locate Lost Android device, Lock or Control using PC and Avira free Android security

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That was a day when mobiles phones were only used for calling and messaging, but now a day, with the development of smartphones, people use them to save photos, videos, listen music, surf the internet and various other such things.

The mobile phones have shrunken to smartphones that help us stay connected to the world through internet. Though most of the people are too much cautious while handling their phones, but sometimes they misplace it or got it stolen by clever thieves. On losing your handset you are very much concerned about the important data to be fallen in wrong hands or being used unauthorized.


Now there are some perfect tools that prevent the unauthorized use of phone in case if it’s being stolen or misplaced. There are various apps available in PlayStore for Android users that help us track, wipe data, lock and control our device. It is very convenient to secure our data by sending an SMS from a predefined phone number.

Here is a very useful app that allows you to locate, wipe, make it ring and lock your lost or stolen Android device remotely using your computer.  Avira Free Android Security app secures your phone and also manages the unwanted calls and messages. In addition it adds unwanted caller’s number to the blacklist, thus helping you not to be disturbed by such calls and messages.


This app can work on wide range of Android phones or tablets with Android 2.2 and up. It is very simple to install and use this app. with this app’s interface; you can only manage your blacklist while all the other anti-theft related things can be managed from your computer.

After installing the Avira Free Android Security app on your device, you have to create an account with Avira with your e-mail ID and password. This will establish a connection between your device and you to control it from anywhere. Now if you want to enable data wipe or factory reset option, then open the app and go to Settings> Wipe settings and tap on “Enable” button to confirm.

When you are logged in, you can access your device control panel on your computer by going to You will have to use same e-mail ID and password that you used on your phone while signing in.

The dashboard interface shows the details of your phone including the phone number, device model, IMEI, OS version, battery status, etc. If you want to use the features like locating, wiping, ringing alarm and locking the phone, click on the corresponding tab.

Avira Free Android Security is available for free on the Play Store. It is an add free app with clean interface.

To Download the Avira Free Android Security app from PlayStore follow the link below

Avira Free Android Security

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