How to Install TWRP touch recovery on LG Optimus 2X

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LG Optimus 2X is a great device and latest news tells that TWRP group has updated XDA dev forum about the touch based TWRP recovery running on LG Optimus 2X. TWRP better known as Team win recovery project. Now, you can backup ROM, Install a new ROM or factory reset with just few taps. TWRP is sometime preferred over CWM recovery and is very stable and bug free. Optimus 2X users must try installing touch recovery on their phone.

Team Win recovery project TWRP touch based recovery for LG OPtimus 2X

warning: Installing custom TWRP recovery requires rooting your device. Rooting voids warranty, proceed at your own risk.


1. Backup your device and ensure that you have root access. Also, if you CWM recovery installed then backup your current ROM.

2. Enable USB debugging. Tap on settings and then on developer option, enable the USB debug option.

3. Download TWRP Recovery image for Optimus 2X from XDA dev forum thread.  Android you will need to install Terminal emulator app for Android from Android market.

How to Install TWRP 2.1 touch recovery on LG Optimus 2X:

Step 1: Download and copy  the recovery img file on the desktop of your PC. You should have terminal emulator installed on your LG Optimus 2X.

Step 2: connect your phone to PC using USB cable and enabled USB storage mode.

Step 3: Transfer the .img file to Phone’s SD card root folder. Now, disable USB storage mode and disconnect the cable.

Step 4: Open terminal emulator on Optimus 2X. Now, Type following commands in the terminal


cd /sdcard

dd if=recovery.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p7

step 5: Reboot your phone using Power button.

You have successfully installed the Touch based TWRP recovery 2.1 on LG optimus 2X. Whenever you need to boot into recovery mode, just switch off device and press the Volume up and power button simultaneously for 5 seconds.



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