How to install TWRP recovery on AT&T One X and One S/ Ville

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TWRP recovery is a touch based custom Recovery for Android Smartphones and Tablets. TWRP has proved to be a great alternative for ClockWorkMod recovery on some devices like Kindle Fire, Nexus S and Asus Transformer. Now,  TeamWin has launched the latest version TWRP for AT&T One X and universal One S a.k.a Ville. They have provided .img files which can either be flashed using Odin or fastboot command. It is much safe to flash it using fastboot so we are providing detailed tutorial to install TWRP touch recovery on One X and One S.

TWRP recovery for HTC One X or HTC One S

Disclaimer/Alert/Warning: This Tutorial and TWRP recovery is for AT&T One X and One S do not perform the procedure on any other device. You will need a rooted  device with bootloader unlocked to go ahead. Rooting voids warranty so we or the developers are not responsible for any issue caused.
How to Install TWRP Touch recovery on AT&T HTC One X/ HTC One S-Ville:

Step 1. The Phone bootloader should be unlocked. You can go to HTCdev site that will guide you through the process.

Step 2. Download Fastboot: Required to flash recovery image to phone.

Step 3. Download and install HTC Drivers on your phone. Download Drivers.

Step 4. Download TWRP recovery image based on your device: TWRP for AT&T HTC One X, TWRP for HTC One S. Please download the correct img file for your device.

Step 5. Extract to a folder. Also, copy the recovery.img file to this extracted folder.

Step 6. Now, Turn off the phone and restart in bootloader mode. To start the phone in BL mode press and keep holding the Volume down and Power button together. One the splash screen appears select Fastboot using Volume key and power button. Now, connect the device to computer through data cable.

Step 7. open the extracted folder, press shift and right click the blank space to bring up the context menu. choose to “open command Window here”.

Install TWRP on HTC One X or HTC One S

Step 8. Commands you will need to execute to install recovery image.

“Fastboot devices”

To check if you have device detected on your system. If the Command prompt recognizes the device it will show text like “0149XBCA546121600F fastboot”. This means that device is connected and recognized by fastboot drivers.

now flash the recovery using following command.

“fastboot flash recovery.img” (or replace recovery.img with the TWRP file name)

Step 9: You will get a finished OK message once the recovery is installed. Reboot the device using following command.

“fastboot reboot”

Step 10. TWRP recovery is installed to enter into recovery mode boot into bootloader mode press and keep holding the Volume down and Power button together. One the splash screen appears highlight the TWRP recovery using volume button and select using power button.

TWRP recovery is not installed well on your AT&T HTC One X/ HTC One X-Ville. We would suggest to backup your current firmware. Go tap on Backup and create a Nandroid Backup. We will be soon bringing up some nice custom ROM built for your devices.

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