How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery on LG Nitro HD

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LG Nitro HD users who have rooted their device can now install ClockworkMod on their phone. They are very easy method involved by which you can install CWM recovery on your phone. All these have been made possible by XDA member rdannar. The method was actually meant for installing CWM recovery on LG Thrill 4G, but will work on Nitro HD too. Below we have written in simple steps on how you can root your LG Nitro HD, just follow it and you will be able to install CWM recovery on your phone.

Root and Install CWM on Nitro HD

Warning: This article is meant for educational and instructional purpose only. Therefore, neither we nor the developer should be held liable for any damages caused to your phone in the process of following this article.


  • Please follow this article only if you are an owner of LG Nitro HD or LG Thrill 4G. Trying this article on any other phone or any other model of LG leaving the one prescribed, may produce un-foreseen situations or can damage your device.
  • You must have rooted your LG Nitro HD before proceeding with this article.
  • Before proceeding you must also have installed Terminal Emulator App on your phone. If not download it from here.
  • Please ensure that there is at least 70% charge with your device, so that there will be no Power interruption during the process.
  • Disable all Security programs like Firewall and Antivirus from your computer and uninstall the same from your phone, as these security programs generally tend to interrupt the process.
  • Enable USB Debugging in your LG Nitro HD from the path “Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging”. The option of USB Debugging should be ticked.

Download the Recovery.img from here to your computer or you can directly download on your phone using your phone’s browser. Extract the downloaded file if you have downloaded it on your computer and place it in the root directory of your phone’s SD card.

Procedure to Install ClockworkMod Recovery on LG Nitro HD [For Gingerbread]:

Step1: Firstly, launch the Android Terminal Emulator on your phone.

Step2: Now, type “su” (without the quotes) and press enter. This will bring up a superuser popup. Go ahead and press the “Allow” button in the popup.

Step3: Now, type the commands written below into the terminal emulator app carefully and then hit enter. This command will backup your data.

dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p13 of=/sdcard/mmcblk0p13.backup bs=4096

Step4: Next, type the command written below to install ClockworkMod recovery on your phone.

dd if=/sdcard/recovery.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p13 bs=4096

Step5: If you have copied the “recovery.img” file on the external SD card then you will have to type the command written below to install the CWM Recovery on your phone.

dd if=/sdcard/_ExternalSD/recovery.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p13 bs=4096

How to Install CWM recovery on LG Nitro HD [For ICS ]

Step 1: Download and install ROM Manager on your phone. Lauch the apps

Step 2: On the starting screen, select the option “Flash recovery”, choose “LG Nitro HD” as your device. The app will download and flash CWM recovery on your phone.


Congratulations! You have successfully installed ClockworkMod recovery mode on your LG Nitro HD. Share with us if you face any problem, we will try to resolve the same by the best possible way out.

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