How to Install ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery 6.0 on Your Galaxy Nexus 4G

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You may be aware of ClockworkMod Recovery is among the one of the most popular Android tools, which most of the devices using to flash custom ROM and for modification. Today, you will be learning about CWM recovery v6.0.0.0 installation process on Galaxy Nexus as an alpha test build. This one has some significant improvement over v5.x.x.x. With new version of CWM recovery you can create ROM backup 4-5x times faster than that of previous version and with less size. I hope these are some impressive features of CWM recovery v6.0. Let’s not waist more time in this and proceed ahead with its installation process.

Galaxy Nexus

Disclaimer: The new version of ClockworkMod recovery v6.0 is an alpha test build and may be you will find few bugs in it. Flashing is quite a risky process and you should not try this by your own if you have lack of knowledge.

Compatibility: The process and download is only meant for international GSM variant of Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G and not with the other Verizon or Sprint Galaxy Nexus and not even with other companies’ phone.



  1. Backup of all the precious data on your device is necessary to avoid data loss during the process.
  2. Up to 60% of battery life is required to complete the process without any power issues.
  3. All security suites must be disabled on your device as well as from Computer to avoid future interruption.
  4. USB Debugging option should be enabled just by following the path ‘Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging’.


How to Install ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery v6.0 on Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G

Step 1.     Here, you need to extract the file first to the C: drive and rename the folder ‘Fastboot’ if it’s not so.

Step 2.     Then, place the maguro-touch-test-recovery.img file to the above extracted folder.

Step 3.     Now you have to enter into the fastboot mode for which you have to turn off your phone first and then by pressing and holding the Power + Volume Down/Up button simultaneously till you see the fastboot mode on your screen starting with green light.

Step 4.     Then, you have to connect your Nexus device to the Computer and open command prompt by following the path – Start > All Programs > Accessories or you can launch it through cmd command.

Step 5.     Type the commands below and keep pressing Enter after each command –

  • cd c:\Fastboot
  • fastboot devices

(Type this to ensure that phone gets detected.)

Installing ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery 6.0

  • fastboot flash recovery manguro-touch-test-recovery.img

Step 6.     Once you press enter for the last command, the CWM will start flashing it. Then, type

fastboot reboot

When it finishes flashing process.

Step 7.     Well! In order to see how ClockworkMod recovery v6.0 work? You need to turn off your Galaxy Nexus and boot into fastboot mode as previously explained in step 3. When you get into the fastboot mode, navigate to the Recovery mode option and select it by pressing Power button to boot in ClockworkMod recovery.

Congratulation! Now you have successfully updated your Samsung Galaxy Nexus with latest ClcokworkMod Recovery v6.0 and also tested it.

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