How to Install Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM on Amazon Kindle Fire

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Google launched Android 4.1 Jelly Bean it I/O event few weeks ago. Nexus 7 tablet was also introduced with Jelly OS, since that time every Kindle Fire user is eager to install Jelly Bean on their tablet. There are also hints that says that Kindle Fire 2 has been delayed and will be shipping with Jelly Bean update and a new UI. Right now, we are here to tell you about how you can install Jelly Bean on Kindle Fire easily and safely using below detailed guide.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean custom ROM for Kindle Fire

This is a beta release sourced and created from AOSP jelly bean code. This makes very clear that bugs are expected, right now developer has already told that HD codecs for YouTube and Netflix are not working, Wi-FI is not working but can be fixed. There are more bugs and issues expected.

Warning/alert: We or the developer will not be responsible for any issues caused by using the ROM or the procedure mentioned below. Installing custom ROM requires a rooted device which voids warranty. Please proceed at your own risk.


1. Please ensure that Kindle Fire rooted if not then you can use Kindle Fire utility to root your tablet and install TWRP recovery.

2. Install Titanium backup and other backup apps to get a copy of all your essential data including contacts, email, settings, apps, apps date etc. Store them in a safe place on your desktop HD.

3. Enable USB debugging, tap on setting and then on developer options. Tap on USB debug check box to enable it.

4. Create a backup of your current firmware using TWRP recovery.

Download Jelly Bean ROM for Kindle Fire and Jelly Bean Google Apps

How to Install Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM on Kindle Fire

Step 1: Download both ROM and zip files and transfer it to Kindle Fire internal storage. You can connect Kindle Fire in USB storage mode and copy the files.

Step 2: Now, shutdown the tablet and restart in TWRP recovery. ┬áSelect to do a “factory reset” and confirm to go ahead.

Step 3: Once done, select “install from zip card” and then “select zip from sd card” and choose the ROM file. Confirm to install and it will take few minutes to Install the custom ROM.

Step 4: Follow the same procedure to install the Google apps zip file. Once done tap on “Reboot the system”.

You have successfully install Jelly Bean on kindle fire. If you face any issues then please report here or on xda dev thread. All thanks and credits to xda forum member hashcode. Please let us know if you face any issue while following the process.

Tip: Best custom ROM for kindle fire: performance and battery life

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  1. Hey, Have you tried installing the JB ROM on a Kindle 7 HD. Is it working !!!

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