How to Download APK File of an Android App of your Choice from Google Play Store

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Google Play Store is not unknown to anybody using Android. It contains so many apps for various users having different taste. Many a users know how to install the app from Google Play Store onto their device though some are still there who still mess with their device trying to download an app’s APK file to their device.

The article will beneficially help you to understand what is the procedure involved in downloading an APK file onto one’s Android device. But, you must understand (for those totally of it) what is on APK file and why one needs to download it onto their Android device.

APK File:

APK or fully known as Android Application Package File is the file format which is used to distribute and install application software onto Android’s operating system. For making an APK file, a program for Android is first complied and then all then separate parts are combined together into a single file. The combined file contains all of the program’s code, resources, assets, certificates and all other stuffs needed.

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The Need of Downloading an APK file:

On having an APK file of your liked Android app and game you can have a backup file just in case you want to restore the same later on. By saving an APK file on your computer, you can redistribute (need to have right for this), reinstall, install it on another Android device as well as for your own requirements.

The essential thing about having an APK file stored locally is that you do not have to re-download the app again each and every time you wish to install the same.


  • Windows PC.
  • Your Android device.
  • Google Play Account.
  • APK Leecher.

Steps to Leech APK File from Google Play Store:

Step 1: From your device’s dialing pad type the code that follows:


The code will show you your device’s ID in GTalk Service Monitor. Even, you can simply Redphx DeviceID app from Play Store here and then you can find out device’s ID.

Step 2: As soon as you have downloaded Real APK Leecher tool on your PC, extract the same. Then, you will get a folder named “Real APK Leecher”. Open the folder and you will find several files there. The app needs no installation, simply run it.

Step 3: Launch the tool by double-clicking on “Real APK Leecher.exe” file.

Step 4: On running first time you will see “Option” window where you can enter some details there including your email, password and device ID registered to Google Play Store.

Step 5: As soon as you are done, press the “Save” button on the application.

Step 6: Next, you will be directed to the Real APK Leecher’s main screen. If you want to make any other changes to the previous defined settings, simply open the “Edit” menu and then click on “Options”.

Step 7: Now, to leech and download any app, type on the app’s name in the search at the top right and then press enter button on your keyboard.

Note: A Paid app can only be downloaded if you have purchased it from Google Play Store.

Step 8: By this time you will see a small window appearing with download progress. If you don’t want that app then click on “Cancel” button.

Step 9: Now, you can see the downloaded APK’s in the folder you have created earlier.

Great! You have now learnt how to download APK file onto your Android device from Google Play Store. Please let us know if you have any queries, we are here for you always.

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