How to backup apps on Android using FileExpert [Works without Root]

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This is our first post on Tips for Droid and we thought that Backup is the most important thing for a device. We thought of writing a full step by step detailed article on How to backup apps on your device without Rooting your device. If you are planning to Root your device and install a custom ROM then this tutorial would be a great help to you, once you install a new ROM you can restore all your apps and games that were installed previously. You will also not lose your advancement of your games. Previously it was lot complex to backup your device using adb but now its easy by using apps like Titanium backup or FileExpert.

File Expert proves an ultimate file manager app as there are lots of features inbuilt. It works like a File manager for your Android and with extra functionality you can backup apps of your device. Sync with DropBox or other FTP server, access files over Bluetooth or wi-fi. I cannot describe all the features here there is a huge list. Lets go back to tutorial:

Pre Requisite:

You will need following things to backup apps using File Expert:

  1. File Expert do not work on Android version older than Android 2.0. So if you are running an older version of Android, upgrade to the latest firmware available for your device.
  2. Download and install File Expert from Android Market.

How to backup apps using File Expert:

Step 1: Once you have installed File Expert from Android market, launch it. Now you will get Tabs on the top of your screen like Local, Network, Favorites, App. Tap on the App Tab.

Step 2: Tap on the apps to checkmark the boxes beside the apps you want to backup.

Step 3: Click on the “BackUP” button on the bottom left of the screen. (check out the screenshots for detailed view)

Step 4: All apk files and application data will be backed up and stored on your SD card in a folder named “Backup_apps”.

You can also copy this folder to your computer by connecting your phone to PC in USB storage more and copying like normal folder. Once you install a new ROM, just install File Expert again and now go to that folder using File Expert and it will show the apk files. Just Tap on the APK files to restore the apps on your Android.

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