How to Backup Android phone Apps and cache data using Helium

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Worried about your phones data when it gets lost, stolen or you need to factory reset your device. We have here a new app which can backup your all games, data, messages and contacts.

Helium app helps you to backup your android apps and cache data without root. Actually the name of the app was carbon backup but it was changed to Helium due to copyright issues, and the app is still available on Play store and working fine for most of ICS and JELLYBEAN users.

The free ad supported  version lets you store all your data in sd card, but if you are really attached to your game data then you will have to purchase the premium version. It does not include ads and you can save all your data in cloud storage providers including google drive,box and dropbox. so you can restore back your data onto your device whenever you want. Helium also lets you schedule automatic backups so that you don’t have to worry about manually saving your data.


How does HELIUM works:

Helium works on the backup bridge in Android 4.0 ICS version. Helium uses this bridge to access app and cached data and back up it on your pc or SD card. If your device is rooted helium works without connecting to pc application. If your android device is not rooted then you will have to install Helium application on your pc and connect the phone to pc to backup your data.

How to backup your Android apps and app data [cache] using HELIUM application:

First you just need to ensure that your android device is working in Android 4.0 or higher version

1. Download and install the Helium app on Android device for [premium version  gives you privilege to schedule backups on cloud storage providers]. Now let’s start with detailed procedure of back up without root.

2. Download and Install and Helium for pc[available for windows, mac and linux] on your desktop. Open the desktop app and connect your android device via USB data cable to your computer.

3. Start the Helium app on your device; you will be prompted with a box, just tap “OK” and go ahead. It will take a few seconds for helium to verify the connection with your PC application. And once you are done you can proceed to backup apps and data.

4. Just open helium, select the apps you want to backup, there will be a option to choose if you want to backup app data only. You can select now where to save the backup.

5. Helium will look after the backup and your data will be safe and secured.

Now, your phone is backed up so relax and go ahead if you want to root or flash custom ROM on your device. . To restore the apps, open the helium app and you will see tabs “Backup” and ‘restore and Sync”. Select “Backup and Sync” and check mark the apps you want to backup. And you are done with all the procedures. Helium is an easy to use app that does its job really well and even better than the old Titanium Backup. We would suggest it as the best app you can have to Backup your Android Phone data and apps.

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