How to Backup and Restore SMS on Android Devices – OneClick method

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Most of the time when you install custom ROM or Root your device then you do a factory reset this restore the Phone to initial stage where there is no data. Many of our readers have lost their SMS, contacts etc. So we are here with all new series of Backup Tutorials. Right now, we are talking about how to backup and restore SMS on your Android Phone/ Tablet with just one click. This is a very easy procedure, you just need to use an app from Play store named as Backup and restore SMS that will help you in creating backup and restoring it.

How to Backup restore SMS Text messages

When you type in Google Play Store about backing up messages the result provides a list of apps but one useful, popular and best app is SMS Backup and Restore. It allows you to backup and your essential text messages whenever you want from any Android device. It is comparatively small in memory size but works very fine on any Android Device available in market. One essential point to note is that: this app works with Android version 1.5 or above. The app backups SMS messages in XML format. Moreover, you can enable a schedule backup which will automatically backup you messages at regular intervals. You can even view the backup contents on the phone. It also helps you to E-mail a backup file and even you delete all the text messages on your phone with the help of this app.

The backup created in XML format is saved into the SD card of your phone. You can convert the backup in other formats also and can view the same in your computer. Moreover, this app helps you to E-mail your backup files easily anywhere of your choice within the app.

How to Backup SMS Messages on Android:

How to Backup SMS on Android and Restore them

Read the steps below carefully and understand on how to backup your text messages:-

Step1: Download SMS Backup & Restore from here to your Android Device; install the same on your device on successful completion.

Step2: Click on the Backup button from the app to proceed.

Step3: Now, enter a filename and press OK to proceed further.

Step4: The backup process will start and complete in few minutes.

Step5: On successful completion, your phone will vibrate and will show up a report.

After learning the backup process, you should also learn to restore your SMS messages.

How to Restore Text Messages on Android:

How to restore SMS Backup on Android

Step1: First of all open “SMS Backup & Restore”.

Step2: Now, click on “Restore” button.

Step3: Next, select the backup file you named it before backup and then click on OK button.

Step4: After a few minutes all the SMS messages will be restored,

Congratulations! You’ve successfully learnt on how you can Backup and Restore you SMS messages. Do let us know if you face any difficulties, we are here to help in resolving the same.

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