How to Root and Unlock Bootloader in AT&T HTC One X/ HTC One XL

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HTC One X is flagship phone from HTC and now available to AT&T Customers enabled with 4G LTE technology. Rooting AT&T HTC One X and HTC One XL are identical so we have created a single guide to help you with rooting. Rooting will provide you access to superuser and thus you can install custom and modded ROMs using recovery without any issues. Also it give you features like using Titanium for Backup apps that can not be done on unrooted phones. Go ahead and follow the Tutorial, let us know if you face any issues.

How to Root HTC One X- Unlock Bootloader and isntall custom Recovery

Warning/Alert: Rooting voids warranty, please udnerstand that the mentioned procedure may damage or brick for which neither we nor the developer would hold any responsibility. Please proceed at your own risk. Soft Bricks can be easily fixed by installing stock firmware using Odin or other flashing tools.


  • The Rooting and Unlocking Bootloader procedure discussed below are only for the users who own AT&T HTC One X/HTC One XL.
  • Your device should have at least 70% charge with it, to reduce the chances of Power interruption during the procedure.
  • Unlocking Bootloader will erase all your settings and apps so backup all your apps, SMS and all. To assure that you don’t lose any essential data during the process.
  • Disable all security programs like Antivirus and Firewall from your computer and uninstall the same from your device, as these security suites generally tend to interrupt the process.
  • Enable USB debugging in your HTC One X/HTC One XL from the path “Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging”. The option of USB Debugging should be ticked.

Download from here to your computer and extract the same. You will get number of files, from which copy the “” to your AT&T HTC One X with the help of your Windows PC. Also supporting drivers as required HTC One X 32-bit Windows drivers or HTC One X 64-bit Windows drivers.

Procedure to Root and Unlock Bootloader in AT&T HTC One X/HTC One XL:

Step 1: Open Command Prompt on your PC and type the commands following:

cd Downloads

cd OneXRootATT

adb shell


dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p4 of=/sdcard/mmcblk0p4



adb pull /sdcard/mmcblk0p4

Step 2: Open the “mmcblk0p4” file (in OneXRootATT folder) with any HEX editor. Then find the line “CWS__001″.

Step 3: Now, change “CWS__001″ to “11111111″.

Step 4: Next, save the modified file named as “mmcblk0p4MOD“.

Step 5: Now, type the following:

Adb push mmcblk0p4MO /sdcard/mmcblk0p4MOD

adb shell


dd if=/sdcard/mmcblk0p4MOD of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p4



Step 6: Non-AT&T One XL type the following:

adb reboot bootloader

fastboot oem readcid

fastboot oem get_identifier_token

Step 7: Further, copy the token to your clipboard.


Step 8: Now, go to and login, if you don’t have an account already go ahead and register.  Once logged in, choose “All Other Supported Models” and click on “Begin Unlock Bootloader”.


Step 9: Now, sroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Proceed to Step 5”.

Step 10: Again scroll down to the bottom and click on “Proceed to Step 8”.
Step 11: Next, scroll down to the bottom and paste your token.
Step 12: You will get a message displaying “Token Submitted Successfully!”
Step 13: Login to your E-mail and download “Unlock_code.bin” from your inbox.
Step 14: Now, Copy the file “Unlock_code.bin” to the OneXRootATT directory. In the command prompt type the command:

fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin


Step 15: Your phone will ask if you want to “Unlock bootloader”. Use Volume Up button to “Yes” and press the Power to confirm your selection. Your phone will automatically reboot.


Step 16: Now, type the following in command prompt:

adb reboot bootloader

Next type:

fastboot flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-2.1.7-evita.img

Step 17: Choose “RECOVERY” on your phone and press the Power button to enter into TWRP recovery.
Step 18: Now, select “install” and then select the file “ you copied on your phone.
Step 19: Install the file and then reboot your phone.
Step 20: When the phone reboots, you will find SuperSU app in the Menu screen.

That’s it you have successfully Rooted and Unlocked Bootloader in your AT&T HTC One X/HTC One XL. Share if you face any problem, we will try to resolve the same.

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4 thoughts on “How to Root and Unlock Bootloader in AT&T HTC One X/ HTC One XL

  1. Hi, I have HTC One XL on Telstra
    Every forum I’ve read it mentions storing files on the sd card but my phone doesnt have an sd card.
    I’ve tried everything to root this phone but command can’t access anything
    I’ve managed to unlock bootloader just fine but maybe theres another way to root this phone? Os is it not do-able for international models?

  2. I can’t use the first su command, it gives me the following error:

    /system/bin/sh: su: not found

    any ideas?

    and when i’m trying to download the mmcblk0p4, gives me a permission denied message cause i’m not root user yet…

  3. Last question is actual _
    – su: not found and further operations didn’t gives result, any ideas what to do?
    I have at&t
    3.18 version of software and there isn’t option “only charging” when you plug USB cable, checked it at several laptops but the same results

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