How to Import and Export Contacts on an Android Device

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All the contacts on your Android device may be very essential to you and you never want to lose them. Often on there are situations when circumstances occur to backup all the essential contacts on your device, whenever you perform rooting of your device or install a custom ROM firmware or any app. Though, there are very less chances of losing your contacts in these ways but just in case to assured that you will not lose any valuable contact you should export your contacts to the SD card of your phone to reduce the chances of them getting erased during the any process you perform to upgrade your phone or improve its functionality.

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How to Export contacts on your Android Phone:

Step1: Firstly, open “Contacts” on your phone from the Home screen by tapping its icon.

Step2: Now, press the “Menu” key on your phone and you a list of options will appear before you.

Step3: From the list you see, choose “Import/Export” option.

Step4: Now, you will see some options regarding where you want to export your contacts. Select the “Export to SD card” option.

Step5: A prompt will appear, click on “OK” from there to confirm your action.

The exporting procedure will start in complete in few seconds, after which you will have all the contacts saved on your SD card.

How to Import Contacts on your Android Phone:

Step1: Tap on the “Contacts” icon from the Home screen of your phone.

Step2: Now, press on the “Menu” option on your phone and a menu will appear before you on your phone.

Step3: Choose “Import/Export” option from the menu you see.

Step4: Now, select “Import from SD card” option from the list appearing before you.

Step5: It will ask you where you want to save the imported contacts, select “Phone”.

The importing process will begin and complete in few seconds and you will see all the contacts on your phone.

Let us know if you have any problems following this article , we will try to help you in every aspect.

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4 thoughts on “How to Import and Export Contacts on an Android Device

  1. I could not import all Vcards from SD card to Phone. It is working individually but not all contacts. Kindly clarify the troubleshooting action.

  2. Great it worked …Thanks a Ton

  3. Bhavesh Sondagar says:

    Hi Dinesh,
    I am using this tricks, however we can also use Google to synchronize our contacts on Google account.

  4. That is not a menu option on the LG Lucid running Android 4.0.4

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