How Check Whether an Android Device is Rooted or Not

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Rooting is a method in which users of Smartphones, tablets and other devices running on the Android operating system can attain “Root access” or in simple “Privileged control” within Android’s subsystem.

Check whether you have rooted your Android phone correctly

Rooting of an Android device enables its user to install custom ROM versions. Rooting is also essential for certain applications and widgets that require additional system and hardware rights like: rebooting the phone, certain backup utilities and other access to other hardware. Rooting the phone typically also includes installing and application called Superuser that supervises which applications are granted root rights.

You can also check whether your device is rooted or not with the help an App named as Root Checker. Below we will guide you on how can check Root access of your phone with the help of Root Checker App.


Download the Root Checker App from here to your device directly and install the same on your device.

How to check whether and Android Device is rooted or not with the help of Root Checker App:

Step1: Launch the Root Checker app on your device by tapping on its icon from your phone’s menu.

Step2: When the app is launched, tap on the Agree button to confirm and move on the Home screen of the Root Checker App.

Step3: When you see the main interface of the app, just tap on Verify Root Access button.

Step4: Now, you will be asked to provide the Superuser permission, just tap on the Allow button to allow permission.

Step5: If the app finds root access on your phone, it will display a success message by saying “Congratulations! This device has root access” and you don’t have to take any more actions to root it. If your device is not rooted it will display the message accordingly.

That’s it by following the above methods you can check whether your Android device is rooted or not.

Alternate method:

Users to ensure that whether their Android device is rooted or not, can try installing apps which require root access of your device like” Superuser app or Titanium Backup, these app require root access of your device. Therefore, if these apps are successfully installed on your device, you can understand that your device has a root access, if not then you don’t have a root access of your device at all.

You can download the Superuser App and Titanium Backup from the link provided below:

Superuser App Free version

Superuser App Paid version

Titanium Backup Free version

Titanium Backup Paid version

Hope, this article was helpful to you. Share with us if you have any other queries with you, we will try to solve them and also find a perfect solution for the same.

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