Experience the Ubuntu Phone on Android – Launcher and wallpaper Download

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Ubuntu has recently come up with a new operating system of its own for Smartphones which was revealed in the CES 2013 event. You get all essential details about it by Googling. You can find all the details about the new OS developed by Ubuntu.

If, after knowing the details you feel impressed with it, you can try some of its features by installing its Launcher and Live Wallpaper App on your Android device.

Ubuntu Live Wallpaper App - Experience the Ubuntu Phone on Android

The Ubuntu Launcher is very much different from that of HTC Sense, Touch Wiz Launcher, Emotion UI etc. as Ubuntu has focused more on the direct and simple access by providing many of the critical and frequently used apps/ options so that users availing it can directly access it.

You can even try the Wallpaper application of Ubuntu which will offer you with amazing package that will improve your theme. The app would provide you option of different wallpapers which are live that means the content will change based on the wallpaper you have selected. The backgrounds are animated and come with integrated system clock and attached to it a double tap on the wallpaper will show you all the features. The application is very simple you just have to download it from the Google Play Store and install on your device and then apply the wallpaper by going into the wallpaper section. The wallpaper comes with a few settings regarding Data & Clock format as it will show the current time and date on the top of the backgrounds.

Ubuntu Phone Launcher- Experience the Ubuntu Phone on Android

You can also install the launcher mentioned above to avail more Ubuntu OS looks that comes with the sidebar on the left side, here you can add your favorite application shortcuts. After adding the shortcuts you will get a demo.

Download Ubuntu Phone Launcher Apk

Download Ubuntu Live Wallpaper App Apk

If are amazed by Ubuntu’s Launcher and Live Wallpaper, just share it among your friends. Share your views with us, we’ll love to know them.

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