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How to root HTC Amaze 4G 0

How to Root HTC Amaze 4G- Easy Guide

T-Mobile launched HTC Amaze 4G in 2011 but the hardware is still fresh and capable enough to run the latest Jelly Bean OS. But yet no Jelly Bean firmware or custom ROM has been announced. To get ready to Install the custom Jelly Bean releasing anytime next month you will...

Install TWRP 2-1 Custom recovery on HTC Amaze 4G 0

How to Install TWRP recovery on HTC Amaze 4G easily

TeamWin Recovery project aka TWRP recovery is a Touch based recovery and more stable than CWM recovery. Preferred by Galaxy Nexus, Kindle Fire, Asus Transformer, SGSIII and HTC One X is one of the most popular custom recovery for Android phone. Now, HTC Amaze 4G users can install the latest...