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Speed up Android phone or Tablet - How to 0

How to Speed Up an Android Device

Android Tablets and Smartphones tend work slow and sluggish after a certain period of time. The reason for it is not because of any single reason but there are many. So, in this article today we’ll suggest you certain tips by means of which you can speed up your Android...

Best 10 Xposed Framework Modules 0

Best 10 Xposed Framework Modules

Android rooted users are now very much attracted towards Xposed Framework. You can tweak your custom ROM’s using Xposed framework without the need of modifying APK’s, which means you free from the worry of installing a custom ROM on your device. Just use any of the Xposed Framwork and Tweak...

How to Secure your Android Device - Protect- Track- recover 1

How to Secure your Android Device – Protect, Track, recover

Android is a marvel when it comes to smartphones and Tablets operating system. Already shown its power and left behind iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian and Blackberry. Based on Linux it has tight security model, but still few developers have found loopholes in this wall. It’s pretty clear that your Android...