Best Widgets for Android Lock screen

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Android Jelly Bean is not available with any new features though compared to its previous version Ice Cream Sandwich but it has some usability enhancements like a gesture typing keyboard and lock screen widgets. The lock screen widget in Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 is not much implementing as it is much restricted to one widget only and no permanent maximized mode.

Lock screen widgets provide access to all the important updates and notifications from all your important apps, services and emails without unlocking your phone. The widgets in the Lockscreen are especially handy while using a pattern or numeric lock on your smartphone, since all important notifications can be viewed without the need to unlock the handset. How decent it would work with a widget multiple lock screen and many people want it.

In this post we are listing some of the best Lockscreen widgets for Android.

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Best widgets for Android Lock Screen

DashClock Widget – Free

Roman Nuri, one of Google’s own developers created DashClock, an alternative lock screen widget. This widget allows you to have multiple widgets on a single lock screen. you can have access to all your important information and notifications via DashClock just at a glance on your lock screen which includes your missed calls, SMSs, emails, alarm, battery status, short cuts to your frequently used apps and much more.

The DashClock makes Google’s own lock screen implementation look terribly limited.There is no death of third-party extensions for DashClock as well, with every major app already having released a DashClock extension. If you hated the lock screen implementation in Android 4.2, chances are DashClock will fix it.


Beautiful Widgets/HD Widgets

The Play Store is filled with thousands of weather widgets which look beautiful in their own way and add new effects on the home screen of your handset. Beautiful Widgets/ HD Widgets are among the most popular weather apps available on the Play Store which feature a lock screen widget that shows a full weather detail when maximized and only the current weather when minimized.


Simple Dialer Widget – Free

If you are a normal user who only use the smartphone for its primary purpose i.e. to make calls and messages then Simple Dialer Widget is for you. This widget places a dialer right on your Lockscreen so that you can dial a number easily without unlocking your phone. This widget also allows access to your call log and contact list to make your approach easier to them.


cLock – Free

The CyanogenMod team created a handy cLock lock screen widget with CyanogenMod 10.1. this widget provides  weather updates and calendar entries right on the lock screen.

Click here to download the APK and manually install the cLock widget on your Android 4.2 Jelly Bean device.


Any.Do/Tasks – Free 

After Weather apps, the Play Store is filled with To-Do apps also. The Tasks and Any.Do stand out of the rest as the former has very simple Holo based theme and the latter has a gorgeous UI inspired from Metro. However both of them have a common objective that allows the user to focus on his pending tasks, and not spend time on organizing them in various folders or categories.
Both of these apps are most popular To-Do apps in the Android community and feature  a very useful lock screen widget which displays  pending tasks to the user.

Android Pro Widgets – Free

This widget is a collection of multiple, Sense UI inspired, widgets and contains multiple widgets for different purposes including a widget for Bookmarks, Facebook, Twitter, Messaging, and Calendar. If you are keeping yourself online and want to stay updated to facebook and twitter, this widget is for you. It provides you quick access to your bookmarks from your lock screen. Android Pro widget gives you  a beautiful look of Twitter or Facebook widget.

The paid version of Android Pro Widgets also includes a Google Reader widget, which helps in reading the news right from your lock screen.

Google Keep — Free

Google Keep widget helps to frequently add notes on your Android device by placing quick notes right on your lock screen.

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