Best Custom ROMs for Nexus 7 Tablet | Top 5 Best Custom ROM for Google Nexus 7 Tablet

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Nexus 7 was launched 8 weeks ago and now everyone want to have it. The only tablet that handles the Android Jelly Bean officially[ there are few tablets that have custom ROM Jelly Bean available]. Google has already sold thousands of Nexus 7 Tablets and more are expected to be shipped by end of August 2012. In our previous Tutorial we told you about the Nexus 7 Rooting procedure and how to install Custom CWM recovery on it. Both TWRP and CWM touch recovery are available for Nexus 7, after installing custom recovery you can backup your firmware and go ahead with installing other custom ROM available for Nexus 7.

Best Custom ROM for Nexus 7

In the past week, we have researched and tested some of the Nexus 7 custom ROM that were promising and few of them gave better experience and speed than Nexus 7 stock firmware. Some of the ROM were tested for Gaming and Quadrant Benchmark tests and performed really well. We have already tested Nexus 7 on Quadrant and Antutu Benchmark testes. On Quadrant you can score 3700+ score with Nexus 7 that is better than Galaxy Tab 10.1 and competitive with Asus Transformer TF201. On Antutu Nexus 7 scored 9000+ points which indicates that Tegra 3 Processor and Nvidia Graphics has made it much better device than other Android Tablets available in the market for same price. Some of the ROMs mentioned below outperformed the Benchmarks tests we have done with stock firmware. Check out them below:

Best Custom ROM for Nexus 7

Android 4.1.1 JRO03D rooted, Deodexed ROM for Nexus 7: Geo411m on xda dev forum has launched a custom ROM for Nexus 7 which is rooted and deodexed version of stock Jelly Bean firmware. Most of the people out their prefer stock ROM that is bugless and Performs great. Developer has fully Deodexed, zipaligned and tweaked the ROM to optimize it for performance and speed. This ROM performs better than stock firmware and provides better benchmark scores.

Download Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean rooted deodexed stock firmware

Glazed Jelly Bean ROM for Nexus 7: Hyperrunner from xda dev forum has some good ROM lined up for devices like Kindle Fire and Galaxy Nexus and then have launched the same series ROM for Nexus 7 Tablet. One of the best ROM available for Nexus 7 that crossed 10500 score in Antutu Benchmark. But Benchmark test is not everything it provides a bugless firmware with fluid user interface. You will be getting the Glazed Mods user interface, Sony Bravia engine that makes video watching an awesome experience, Beats Audio will get you the best Audio experience, Based and working on Linaro kernel and overclocked 1.8Ghz GPU tweaks gives super fast responsiveness. There are many more features like Theme manager, different launchers,  fast boot with custom boot screen, latest Jelly Bean google apps, and all working at Tablet mode.

Glazed Jelly Bean ROM for Nexus 7 download


Bugless Beast for Nexus 7: For those who are seeking a ultimately stable ROM with basic features then Bugless beast is exclusively for you. Based on the AOSP Jelly Bean firmware released by Google for Nexus 7, developer has given sincere effort in decreasing boot up time, improve scrolling, enhance voice and video quality. It is one of the most preferred custom ROM for Nexus 7.

Download Bugless Beast for Nexus 7


CM10 with Linaro Kernel for Nexus 7: AOKP CyanogenMod ROMs are most preferred custom ROM for Android users. CyanogenMod 10 Jelly Bean already out for Nexus 7. Linaro Kernel based on motley 1.0.12 is the best kernel available for Nexus 7 as it provides GPU User interface rendering and many more advantages like better CPU and RAM usage management. A combo of CM10 and Linaro kernel can get you the best experience on Nexus 7. Just root your device and install CWM recovery. Flash Kernel and then the CM10 ROM.

CM10 and Linaro Kernel for Nexus 7

CleanROM for Nexus 7: CleanROM are from well known developers on XDA dev forum. CleanROM for Nexus 7 is based on latest google Stock JRO03D Android 4.1.1 firmware. Developers have tried to clean the codes and thus De-Odexed and removed all Google Bloatware. This has made the ROM very fast and butter Smooth. You can select between Stock Launcher and Nova launcher. Kernel has been tweaked to manage processor and RAM with better influence on system performance. You will experience better User interface speed and battery performance. The installation is based on Aroma installer to give better control of Mods and apps you want to install.

CleanROM Jelly Bean best custom ROM for Nexus 7

CleanROM for Nexus 7

You just need to choose the best custom ROM for your needs and requirements. Let us know if face any issue while installing the ROM.

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