Best Custom ROM for Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4

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Has the search of custom ROM’s brought you here? Cool, then you are directed to the right place. We have listed below some of the best custom or called as the aftermarket firmwares for the Sprint Galaxy S4. There are many new features in this ROM’s apart from what you will find on the stock version, as well as there are many bug fixes also. So, read below carefully about each of the ROM’s mentioned here.

Custom ROM’s are a good replacement of stock firmware. So, if you are getting bored by using the usual stock Android OS then root your Sprint Galaxy S4 and try some of the best custom ROM’S mentioned below.

Warning: You can only apply any of the custom ROM’s mentioned in this article after rooting your device and as you all know rooting voids warranty. Therefore, please proceed at your own risk.

Negalite WondeROM for Sprint Galaxy S4:

The ROM is De-bloated, De-odexed and Themed. Some of the ROM features include: Aroma Installer, Custom Aroma Backup/Restore Settings, Custom Fonts, Transparent Accuweather Widget – reverepats, Transparent menu bar, Custom Transition Animations, Custom Lock/Unlock Sound, Camera Tweaks, ViperFX, Playstation Store Support, init.d Support, Bash Support, and Extended Xbin Support Files. Some of the Mods in the ROM are: 1x/3G Mod, Long-press Menu App Kill, Hotspot Mod, 100% Battery, Call Recording, Custom App, Widget and home screens, CRT Screen-off Animation, Extended Power Menu – crawrj, and Many. To know more about the ROM and to download it, go to the link provided below.

Negalite WondeROM for Sprint Galaxy S4- Best Custom ROM

Negalite WondeROM for Sprint Galaxy S4

Antigen ROM for Sprint Galaxy S4:

Anitgen ROM is a very fast, smooth and efficient ROM for the Sprint Galaxy S4. Features of the ROM are: Ktoonsez 08-25-2013 TW 4.2 Kernel, Ktweaker, A Plethora of TW Apps removed, Almost all Google Apps removed, Added: Compass, Focal by CyanogenMod, FlashlightNew Superuser and GMS Core, Latest Youtube, Latest Voicemail, Based on Stock MF9, 4×5 4×6 3×4 Launcher, New Ringtones, Alarms and Notifications, Data Apps enabled with apps, No volume warning mod, Init.d Support, Battery Calibration Tweak, Zipaligns on boot, slaid480 zipalign data every 48 hours, SD Card Boost, Boot animation support, Sound boost, Disable Input Notification, Touch screen Tweaks, 4 in 1 reboot, Internet Tweaks, Hotspot mod, Internet Tweaks and Signal Tweaks. To download then ROM and to know more about it, visit the link provided below.

Antigen ROM for Sprint Galaxy S4- Best Custom ROM

Antigen ROM for Sprint Galaxy S4

TriForce ROM for Sprint Galaxy S4:

The ROM is based on current MF9 release. TriForce ROM is De-odexed, Zip-Aligned and Rooted with latest SupeSU. Other features of the ROM are: Latest KT-SGS4 Kernel Included, De-Bloated a bunch, Many build.prop tweaks for performance and battery life, USB Debugging on by default, RSA Key checking disabled (no prompt for connecting USB Debugging to a PC), AROMA Installer for customization of most mods listed below, HotSpot Mod Included, Disabled Input Notification when keyboard is open, Viper4Android Sound Mod, CRT Off Animation, Less Annoying Touch Sounds, Long Press Menu key to kill app, 4-in-1 Reboot Menu, Low Battery Camera limitations removed, In-Call Recording, Native Ad Blocking, Removed Stock “My Files” App and put in File Manager, This is a much better Root Enabled file manager, Removed Volume Increase Warning, Device Status: Official, ForceROM-Exclusive Custom Notification Icons, True 1X/3G Icons, SMS/MMS Limitations increased (Recipient and MMS limitations), Custom Boot Animation (enabled, and Transparent Notification Bar. Want to know more about the ROM, go to the link provided below.

TriForce ROM for Sprint Galaxy S4- Best Custom ROM

TriForce ROM for Sprint Galaxy S4

All the ROM’s have been sorted from a list of ROM’s so be worry-free and try of the above ROM’s. We list some more releases as soon as we come to know about them. Also, let us know if you are facing any problem, we try to resolve the same.

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