Best Custom ROM for Galaxy Note 8.0

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If are looking for some of the best custom ROM’s for your Galaxy Note 8.0, then you have been directed to the corrected place. Here we have discussed some of the best custom ROM’s for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. All the ROM’s mentioned herein are based on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. The ROM’s contain many improvements and features to enhance user experience. These are what called as aftermarket ROM as they also have in them advanced system features and tweaks. Galaxy Note 8.0 should give a try to either of the ROM mentioned in this article.

You must also be aware of the fact that, the ROM’s mentioned in this article are not official firmware released by Samsung but are just custom ROM’s, so you should act accordingly.

Warning: Installing of custom ROM’s requires root access which is liable to void the warranty of your device. So, please proceed at your own, we or the developer will not hold any responsibility.

X-Note Build 3.0 ROM for Galaxy Note 8.0: It is fully Rooted and De-odexed and has Busybox as well. It also has kernel SpherEngine rev 1.2 with all Civato’s goodies and S-Pen pointer aligned. Some of the essential features of the ROM are: boosted headphone audio level (pay attention with volume), boosted speaker audio level (pay attention with volume), customized some UI sound, Pie control, Xposed framework Updated, Xposed per app density Updated, Multi-window control, Call recording xposed module, No MMS conversion xposed module, Modded TW launcher 9 homescreens, graphic changes in folders and increased folder grid, Fully themed notification panel, status bar and added: lock button (single tap-lockscreen & longpress-reboot menu) + home button (longpress-recent app & single tap-home & double tap-svoice) + traffic meter + circle battery, fixed notification background now is semitransparent like notification panel, semitransparent flashbar tongue, Photoshop ported from n8000, Enabled secondary symbols on stock Samsung keyboard, Camera with shutter sound on/off option, Browser with desktop view by default and exit option, Sms will display sent time instead off received time, Unlimited contacts join and many other notable features. To know in detail about other features of the ROM and to download it, just visit the link provided below.

X-Note Build 3.0 ROM for Galaxy Note 8.0

X-Note Build 3.0 ROM for Galaxy Note 8.0

CivZ-FLEX-BEAM-REV2.0 ROM for Galaxy Note 8.0: The ROM is Zip-aligned and De-odexed. Other features of the ROM include: Root SuperSU 1.60, Init.d Tweaks: Zipalign new apps on reboot / GPS lto update / Battery BusyBox 1.21.1, CSC hidden features enabled: Browser version info / Camera shutter sound / System Update removed /, ViperFX support, NTFS / FAT / FAT32 & EXFAT support, Terminal commands to enable/disable layout and features, Multi User support (Max 4 users) enabled in framework, S-Pen alignment optimization and new hover pointer for more accurate drawing, Home/Recent button in status bar, Extra system settings, Xposed framework, 4Way reboot, Navigation Bar with softkeys, Phablet Multi-Window, 23 Different battery icons, Traffic meter 0.0 K/s and many other goodies. Visit the link below to know more this ROM.

CivZ-FLEX-BEAM-REV2.0 ROM for Galaxy Note 8.0

Stock XXCMH2 ROM for Galaxy Note 8.0: The ROM is based on the latest German XXCMH2 firmware. It is Rooted, Zip-Aligned and De-odexed. Also, Busybox has been installed onto it as well as it has /data/app functionality and /etc/init.d scripts support. You also be glad to know that modem (XXCMF4) is included into it and CSC has been provided: BTU, DBT, ITV, KOR, XEF and XEO (DBT by Default). If want to know more about this ROM, then just visit the link provided below.

Stock XXCMH2 ROM for Galaxy Note 8.0

The list has not ended as we will keep on updating more custom ROM’s as soon as we find some other interesting ROM’s. So, keep on visiting here so as to know about new releases.

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