Best Custom ROM for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4

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Samsung has recently launched Galaxy S4. It is a 5 inch Android Smartphone powered by 1.6 GHz Quad-core Exynos 5 Octa 5410 Cortex-A15 processor. This handset has great performance and looks. If you are one of the proud owners of Galaxy S4 and getting bored with your current firmware then it’s time to try a ROM with new features and possibilities. You will just need to root your T-Mobile Galaxy S4 and install custom recovery. Then you can install any of the ROM we are suggesting below:

We selected a dozen of ROM for our review, we researched a log on all ROMs and try to take reviews of the users on our account too. We have selected the 5 ROMs that are best for T-Mobile Galaxy S4 users and have lots of features.

Warning: Rooting your device and installing custom ROM voids warranty. We or the developer would not be responsible if you brick your device.

Best Custom ROM for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4

WICKED ROM: This ROM is fully deodexed and for rooted phones. The features of Wicked ROM are: CIQ free, zipaligned, extended power menu, all apps in multi-window, batch Optimized, custom Shutdown and startup QMG, Startup and Shutdown Sounds removed, Battery, network and UI Tweaks, Mms Tweaks, Transparent Weather Widget, Inverted Transparent Multi-window, BusyBox, Themed SystemUI and wallpapers. The performance tweaks are: bloat removed, optimized memory, EXT4 Tweaks, SD Card Tweaks, init.d Support, 100% battery mod, Build.prop Tweaks, Wi-fi Calling, MMS Over Wi-fi and Non Increasing Ringtones.

Wicked ROM for Samsung Galaxy S4 - Best custom ROM

If you need more information about Wicked ROM check out the site below. You can also download it from there.



Illusion ROM:  This ROM is featured for T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S4. This ROM includes: Dual Pane, Low Battery Warning, cLock, Widgets Viewpager, Notification Drawer Options, Power sound on plug-in/plug-out, Custom Lockscreen Sliders & Shortcuts, Navbar Customizations, PIE Controls, Power Menu Controls, Power Widget Settings; Custom QuickSettings, Statusbar Options, Sounds Settings, Phone Settings and MMS Settings and much more.

Illusion ROM for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4- Best custom ROM

Download Illusion ROM

Darthstalker ROM: Darthstalker is one of the best ROM for T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S4. This ROM is based on Android 4.2.2. It comes with PHANTOM™ v1.0 Custom Kernel. This ROM is fully rooted, zipaligned, deodexed and debloated. More features of this ROM include: Busybox, SuperSU, Wi-fi-Calling, MMS Over Wifi, App/Data Support, Nano/Bash Support, CSC Feature Tweaks CSC Feature Tweaks, No Incremental Ringtone, Resizable Pop-Up Browser, 1% Battery Percentage Mod, SonySketch As Default Font, Unrestricted Native Tethering, Bluetooth Tethering Enabled, Volume Boosting Sound Hack, Long Press Menu To Kill Mod,  4 Way Reboot / Advanced Power Menu, Themed Blue Status Bar Toggle;  Unlimited Contacts Joining, Max Slide Count and SMS Recipient Limit; TouchWiz Smooth Scrolling Mod, Messaging App Split-View Mode, Modified Darthstalker Wallpaper Chooser App With 50+ Wallpapers and much more. The performance and tweak mods are: Tweaks For Cache Management, Init.d Support, Performance And Battery Enhancements, Faster USB Storage SD-Card Read/Write/Transfer Speeds, Device Status Info “Official” Instead Of “Custom” Mod, Modified TouchWiz Launcher For Extra Speed and 3G/4G/Wi-Fi/LTE Speed And Signal Enhancements.

Download Darthstalker ROM


Frosty ROM: Frosty ROM is fully deodexed, zipaligned and free from some bloats. The features of this ROM are CarrierIQ Free, SuperSU, Busybox, WiFi Calling, OTA Update support, Ink Effect, Native tethering, No increasing ringtone, International boot animation, Scrolling wallpaper activated, Disabled power on and power off sounds, used as default webpage, Unlimited apps for multiwindow support, MMS Recipient Limit Unilimited, Disabled Slideshow for single picture message and Frosty Jellybean Wallpapers and Easter Egg. The tweaks and performance mods include: Build.prop tweaks, Speed tweaks, Battery tweaks, UI tweaks and Deviant Kernel included.

Download Frosty ROM


Death Star ROM: This ROM is also deodexed, debloated and zipaligned. The features of this ROM are: Extended power menu, Custom Shutdown QMG, International S4 startup QMG, Startup and Shutdown Sounds removed, Auto Rotation and Ad Blocking. The performance and tweaks include: V6 supercharger binaries, Battery calibrator binaries, Sony Bravia Engine, UI Tweaks, Framework tweaks, Battery Tweaks and Build.prop Tweaks.

Download Death Star ROM

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