Best Custom ROM for Sprint Galaxy SIII

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Samsung 3rd Gen Flagship Android Smartphone Samsung Galaxy SIII got popular and now available with Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile LTE network. Sprint 4G is a LTE high speed equipped Android 4.0 IceCream sandwich device which has all the hardware to run Android Jelly Bean but users will need to wait for months to get the Official update. We have searched extensively on internet to find the best ROM for Sprint Galaxy SIII. We researched and tested almost a dozen of custom ROM available on different forums and lastly decided to feature below mentioned few custom ROM. We have looked into the features and performance of ROM. Right now, no stable Jelly bean ROM is available and most of the ROM are modded official firmware. Developers are working on porting CyanogenMod 10 and other Jelly Bean official ROM to Sprint SGS3. We will keep you updated on it.

Tip: How to Root Sprint SGS3 and Install custom recovery

Best Custom ROM for Sprint Galaxy SIII

Warning: Custom ROM needs rooting of your device and as you that rooting voids warranty. Therefore, you must proceed at your own risk.

Team Sonic ROM: Team Sonic – FreeGS3ROM is De-Odexed, Rooted and Zip-Aligned. Some of the notable features of this ROM are Insane Battery, Incredibly smooth and feature rich, Allowed OTA updates of ROM through Goo App included in ROM, Latest Google Apps, Restored Google search widget after Samsung removed it in LG2 update, Includes UpdateMe application optimized for FreeGS3, Updated Sprint Visual Voicemail app and much more other goodies. To know more and download it, visit the link provided below.

Download Team Sonic ROM

PARANOIDANDROID ROM: PARANOIDANDROID ROM is another awesome ROM developed with the credits of Team Nocturnal, Paranoid Android Devs, Noobnl – CM10 base, Pure Motive, thebz1 and CyanogenMod Team. Some of its features are: Updated PA framework, Camera Working, External SD fixed, Added proper GS3 advanced settings, MMS send/receive fixed and much more. Visit the link provided below to download it and to know much more about this ROM.


Blazer ROM: Blazer ROM is based on latest OTA update LG2 and is De-Odexed and De-Bloated. Features of Blazer ROM are: Incredibly Smooth and Stable, Awesome Battery Life, Stock Theme, Cell Standby Issue Fixed, Extended Reboot Menu, Disabled Scrolling Cache, Silent Camera, Removed Annoying Sounds, Disabled Increasing Ringtone, Beats Audio Mod, Jelly Bean Animations and Wallpaper, NFC with lockscreen, Dithered Holo Backgroud, Call Recording and much more. To know more about this ROM and to download it, visit the link provided below.

Download Blazer ROM

Team VeNuM ROM: Team VeNuM ROM is based on stock L710VPLG8 and is Odexed for a smooth optimized Dalvik experience. Awesom features of Team VeNuM ROM are: Two Launcher choices-Nova and Touchwiz, Silent camera, MMS compression tweak, 4 in 1 Reboot options, 1x3g SystemUI Mod, Several annoying sounds removed, 100% charging notifications removed, International Samsung Boot/Shutdown animations, No increasing ringtone, SMS removed from call logs, Call recording enabled, DRM removed and lot more interesting features. See the link provided below to download it and to know more about this ROM.

Download Team VeNuM ROM

Choose the best for you i.e. which suits your interest. All the listed above ROM are equally appealing and awesome in function. Share with us if you face any problem while going through the article, we are here to help you always. If you are looking for SGS3 GSM custom ROM you can check it here.

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