Best Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y

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Samsung Galaxy Y is one of the most sold device of Samsung. Galaxy Y proved a great option for people who were seeking taste of Android at affordable price. Other companies have already launched many devices with bigger screen and better hardware but still Samsung Galaxy Y has the best build quality in its class. Samsung Galaxy Y has low level hardware compared to many other devices but still it runs the Android Gingerbread firmware very well. Still there is no ICS Or Jelly Bean based custom firmware available for it but there are many classy custom ROM available with different features.

Best Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y

We have already reviewed many custom ROM on our previous Top 10 list of custom Firmware for Galaxy Y but there are many more additions and updated version of ROM available. Once you root Samsung Galaxy Y there are immense possibilities you can increase the RAM availability, over clock the procedure and play few HD games as well. There are also few custom ROM available for Galaxy Y that looks like Jelly Bean and ICS and the replication is very real.

At Tips4Droid we want our users to make the best possible use of their devices and our custom ROM is one of section that is most appreciated among our fans. We have handpicked the best custom ROM available for Galaxy Y and features the best 5 custom firmware here. You can choose the best for you.

Simplicity ROM for Galaxy Y: If you are looking for a simple yet effective ROM for your Galaxy Y, then you must try Simplicity ROM. Jelly Bean Layout, 14 toggles, TouchWiz, extended power menu, S3 theme and lot more features. There are many performance optimizations like Becem tweak, ram optimize and adrenaline engine. The ROM provides decent battery performance as well and most of the bugs have been fixed and this version is 2.1.

Simplicity ROM for Galaxy Y - Best Custom ROM

Simplicity ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y


WeUI ROM for Galaxy Y: Developed by Amal Das who has developed various custom ROM for Galaxy Y has designed another cool looking MIUI themed custom ROM this time. It has almost all features of latest MIUI ROM for Galaxy Y. This ROM has fully optimized for speed and features MIUI wall paper, messenger, contacts, dialer, desk clock, lock screen etc. Some others features inherited from MIUI ROM are MIUI music player and apps.

WeUI ROM for Galaxy Y


Next2ICS ROM for Galaxy Y [Jelly Bean mod]: Avijit ghost a  well known xda dev forum member who has contributed too much for Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Y threads has introduced a Jelly Bean themed custom ROM. The ROM is fully inspired by Jelly Bean with JB theme, JB wallpaper, ICS themed file explorer, JB UI, JB keyboard. We have detailed the ROM on our previous post. You will also get the JB lockscreen and messaging apps.

Next2ICS Jelly Bean custom ROM for Galaxy Y

ChobitsDigitalis for Galaxy Y: ChobitsDigitalis ROM is preferred by many users due to its stable rock solid UI and Chobits launcher. The ROM has many features like Random boot animation, 14 toggle buttons on the status bar, Google Music, Swype keyboard, bass/Treble enhancements. This ROM is perfect for those who are seeking pure performance with stable interface.

ChobitsDigitalis custom ROM for Galaxy Y


CyanogenMod 7  for Galaxy Y GT-S5360: CyanogenMod are most preferred custom ROMs and CM7 is based on latest Android 2.3.6 build. All AOKP codes features and UI with CyanogenMod apps pre installed on this ROM. One of the most stable ROM with best performance.

CyanogenMod 7 for Galaxy Y

We have tried to handpick and feature the best ROM available for Galaxy Y. If you still have some suggestion for us we welcome you for commenting.

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  1. Tanay sarkar says:

    i hv installed jb without cwm on my galaxy y. now it’s cmpltly ok. can it make any problem? i’m vry afrrd. plz rply……

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