Best Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 was a highly anticipated phone. Moreover, it has the revolutionary S-Pen technology which is the reason for its increased demand in the market. Users who want to customize their Note 2 on their own way will find interested in this article as we have came up with series of ROM’s which are utmost stable and even working fine with lesser amount of bugs and bloatwares. Install any of the custom ROM onto your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 and enjoy. All you need is to root your Note 2 before proceeding with this article.

Samsung Galaxy Note II has proved it self as top Phablet because of its user interface. Although it is Samsung TouchWiz but there are lots of enhancements like Air view and multiview. We have searched the ROMs that will provide the best functionality and stable performance. Some are optimized for battery performance as well.

Best Custom ROM for Galaxy Note II N7100

Warning: Installing custom ROM needs root access of your device and as you all know rooting voids warranty. Therefore, please proceed at your own risk.

Best Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100

Moon ROM for Galaxy Note 2: Its from a Senior XDA developer grilleld. This ROM features a floating window in  tablet/phablet mode and multiwindow with unlimited apps on phone mode. Beside that developers  have deodexed and zipaligned the latest Android 4.1.2 XXDMD2 update firmware. There are a few tweaks and customization with camera, messaging apps and performance. The ROM is stable and ready for daily use.

Moon ROM for Galaxy Note 2

Omega ROM for Galaxy Note II: If you are looking for a stable Jellybean ROM then try this one as it is based on firmware ZSALJ7 Android 4.1.1. Moreover, Installation is fully customizable by user and there are options to install everything and remove Bloatware. This ROM is De-odexed, rooted as well as Zip-aligned. Some of the interesting features of this ROM are: 4 way reboot menu, Disable Scrolling Cache, TouchWiz with wallpaper scrolling, Battery % mod, Disabled advertisements, Faster GPS lock, Enable custom bootanimations, Enable init.d scripts, Contacts with Greek index, Shutter Sound menu Enabled to stock camera, Blocking Mode Icon removed and other cool features. To know about this ROM and to download it visit the link provided below.

Download Omega ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note II

Android Revolution HD ROM for Galaxy Note II: This ROM is based on Android 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean) – latest official Samsung N7100XXALJ3 firmware. Moreover, this ROM is the improved version of the stock ROM as well as it is very fast, clean and stable. This ROM is fully De-odexed and Zip-aligned. Features of this ROM are: Newest BusyBox, RAM optimizations, System signatures check enabled for system security and safety, Improved virtual memory management, Speed optimizations, Enabled GPU UI rendering, Data, cache and system partitions mounting tweaks, Bloatware applications removed, Improved camera performance, Improved CPU governors performance, Most optimal system scheduler, Disabled kernel debugging for better performance and much more. Visit the link provided below to download it and to know more about this ROM.

Download Android Revolution HD ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Boyppc ROM for Galaxy Note II: Boyppc ROM is based on XXALJ3_Android 4.1.1r2, Stock kernel and Stock boot animation. This ROM is rooted, De-odexed and Zip-aligned. Some of the basic features of this ROM are: Multi-language support, Speed optimizations, center clock, Battery % icons, Flashplayer support, RAM optimizations and BusyBox is added in this ROM. To know more about this ROM and to experience it visit the link provided below.

Download Boyppc ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note II  

Urban ROM for Galaxy Note 2: This Rom is based on Samsung firmware version XXALJ1. This ROM is manually Rooted, De-odexed and Zip-aligned as well as Busybox has been added in it. Features of this ROM include: Tweaks for better deep sleep & battery life, Improved background_holo dark/light, Gallery tweaks – picture quality, fps + video encoding, Sorted & improved build.prop, SuperSU, CWM Manager, Ad Away, Touchsound, RAM tweaks, Own Stability-tweaks

Disable sending usage data and lot more other goodies. To know more and to download this ROM visit the link provided below.

Download Urban ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note II

WanamLite ROM for Galaxy Note II: WanamLite ROM is based on latest stable ROM and is pure stock themed. Moreover, it is fully De-odexed, Rooted and Zip-aligned. Some of the innovating features of this ROM includes: 15 Toggle buttons, Disabled scrolling cache, No incremental ringtone, Enabled Call recording, 4 Way reboot, Stock Keyboard, Kies support, Hacked Stock Email App, Latest SuperSU update, Reduced Home button Lag, Swapped Video and Call button on the dialer, Replaced Video by Message button on the dialer, More Free Ram, CRT-TV animation and lot more impressive features. Visit the link provided below to know more and to experience this ROM.

Download WanamLite ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Choose the ROM whose features impress you the most as all the ROM are better for SGS2. Do let us know if you have any issues, we will try to relieve of the same.


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