Best AT&T Smartphone

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There are lots of Smartphone in the market which of course provide us with lots of options but it also turn out into a problem when we want to go for the best ones. There are lots of carriers and AT&T is one of the best. The LTE rollout continues for AT&T, already covering more than 500 markets and continuing to expand, making the carrier more and more appealing. The carrier’s Mobile Share plans offer unlimited talk, text and shared data between 300MB and 50GB among up to 10 devices.

It can be tough to choose from the number two carrier’s line of devices and that’s why we’ve whittled the list down for you to just the best, including an iPhone, flagships from HTC and Motorola, and different flavors of Samsung Galaxy phones and also a Windows Phone from Nokia for the mavericks who want to stand out. The list of these devices is mentioned below.

HTC One M8


We all are very well aware about the highness of this device. This 5-inch HTC One M8 is very nearly perfect. The sleek aluminum design is definitely sexy, and contains a full HD display with powerful Boom Sound speakers. Around 10 hours of battery life and a blazing fast quad-core processor push the One M8 into the upper echelons of the Smartphone hierarchy. The duo camera of the device will be very interesting and new to users as you can change the point of focus of your photos and add a 3D effect to them. This phone can be yours on AT&T’s Next plan for $0 down and 18 monthly payments of $25. Overall the device is very good and carries a new camera feature.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5-at&t

Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the most impressive Smartphone on the market today, with plenty of power, a fantastic camera, a speedy quad-core processor and AT&T’s zippy 4G LTE coverage, which makes everything quick. The Galaxy S5 also packs a long list of innovative features, such as motion gestures, built-in heartbeats monitor and fingerprint scanner for unlocking the device. Moreover, with a water-resistant chassis, the S5 can also survive a quick dip in up to 1-meter of water, which makes the device nearly water proof and eliminates the fear of spreading the water on your precious device.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3


Samsung’s Note 3 is one of the most reputed devices in the market. The 5.7-inch display of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 supersizes multitasking and moreover, heavy-duty productivity chores thanks to its robust performance and powerful multitasking software. With an onboard stylus and useful pen apps, you can effectively use the Note 3 as a notepad and will also love the gorgeous screen on this Android Smartphone that will last throughout the day, thanks to its epic battery life. If you don’t mind a two-year contract then you can pick this up for $299, or you can spend $0 today, and an extra $25 per month for 18 months via AT&T Next.

Apple iPhone 5s


Apple’s iPhone 5s packing a cool new fingerprint sensor and excellent camera into the same-sized package as its predecessor is still the lightest and most one-hand-friendly phone in town. Retaining its sturdy yet elegant build, the aluminum and glass phone packs a 64-bit A7 processor and separate motion chip, making it one of the fastest phones in the market. With any two-year plan, you can get the 16GB iPhone 5s for $199 or 20 monthly payments of $32.50 on Next. Overall this is one of the devices which are on the peak when it comes to brand value.

These are the best devices from AT&T Smartphone and will definitely make you choice easy if looking for the best.


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