Best 10 Xposed Framework Modules

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Android rooted users are now very much attracted towards Xposed Framework. You can tweak your custom ROM’s using Xposed framework without the need of modifying APK’s, which means you free from the worry of installing a custom ROM on your device. Just use any of the Xposed Framwork and Tweak your device to the fullest.

You can surf the internet to find out some of the Xposed Frameworks and there would be many. So, in order to help you in a better way we have listed some of the better working exposed frameworks.

Best 10 Xposed Framework Modules

10 Xposed Framework Modules:

Advanced Power Menu

With the help of Advanced Power Menu you can go to recovery of different other types of reboot. Advanced Power Menu will provide some of the options in power menu as: Reboot in recovery, Reboot ad Soft Reboot.

Xposed StatusBar Mods

As its name the Xposed StatusBar will help in modding your present status bar, i.e. you’ll be able inject a different look to your status bar. It mainly for HTC One, but one can try it on different high-end Android Smartphones. Its features include: Add AM/PM to Clock, Changing Clock Color and Change status bar to look like a transparent one or make a dividing line of 1 pixel.


This Framework will enable you to Decrease/ Increase the volume of your device in 30 steps. In this way you can enjoy things to the fullest.


This could one of the best Framework in terms of maintaining the privacy of the personal and essential stuffs on your phone like: Passwords, Phone Numbers, Credit Card info, etc.


By the name itself you would have got a fair idea of what this Framework can, yes it will help to relive you from the tension of annoying and unwanted notifications you get all the time.


Receiver Stop framework will help you to stop many of the notifications being displayed on your phone all the time. It is somewhat like that of the RoamNotifyNoMore but provides more options than it.

Smiley Replacer

This framework will allow you to replace the usual boring Smiley’s of SMS with the new and custom made Smiley Packs.

Gravity Box

Those who want their stock ROM so as to look alike a custom one, they can use this Framework to add several tweaks onto your vanilla Android and enjoy the fun of using custom ROM on Vanilla.

Maximize Lock Screen Widgets

Maximize lockscreen widgets framework will enable you to maximize the lockscreen widget and give it a revamped look. You can change the lockscreen the way you want so as to spread it over your lockscreen. Further, if you want to maximize the same you can do so when you are unlocking you device.


If your phone a takes a long time to boot up, then you can use BootManger to get rid of the same. You can use this module to choose those apps which would be started at the time of startup.

These were some of the best Xposed Frameworks, we update the list if we learn about new builds. Until then, try these and notice the change. You can share below in the comments section if you have any doubts.

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