How to Backup and Restore Lost IMEI on LG G2

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There are many users of LG G2 because it is a very good value for money android Smartphone available in the market. The device has very good specs and runs very smoothly. Losing the IMEI of an Android device is one of the most awkward situations that a user can find him/her self fallen into. But why the corruption is the EFS partition and loss of IMEI is so serious an issue that results in a nightmarish experience. Actually, people do not feel bad because their device does not show that long series of digits that we know as IMEI, but because the corruption of EFS/IMEI leaves the device with no network signal or data connection at all. Though all other functions work without problem but a phone without network is just a useless gadget similar to a body without soul.

The cases of lost of EFS data or IMEI are commonly found on Samsung Galaxy devices but it can also happen to LG devices including the Nexus series. So, if you happen to be an LG G2 user and are facing the same issue, the method described below might help you get back its IMEI but before learning how to restore lost IMEI on LG G2, let’s see how to backup it. The procedures are given below.

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How to Backup and Restore EFS on LG G2

Step 1- Make sure your LG G2 is rooted and you have TWRP recovery installed on it.

Step 2 – Download LG G2 EFS backup script in flash able zip

Step 3 – Copy the zip file to your phone and reboot your LG G2 in recovery mode.

Step 4 – Flash the file using Install option in TWRP.

Step 5 – At the completion of the installation, your phones EFS/IMEI data will be backed up to sdcard/EFS_Backup folder as

Step 6 – Copy the backed up zip to your computer as precaution.

Step 7 – In case you lose your phone’s IMEI, you can flash the file to restore your IMEI and NV data.

This is all what one has to backup and restore EFS on LG G2.

How to restore Lost IMEI on LG G2

Step 1- Make sure you LG G2 is running the stock LG firmware. If your phone does not have official firmware installed on it, restore it to stock first.

Step 2 – Install the latest LG USB drivers on your computer.

Step 3 – Now download the IMEI converter tool and unzip it.

Step 4 – Download QPST (Qualcomm Product Support Tools) and unzip it

Step 5 – Open the QPST_2.7_378 and run the setup file to install it on your computer.

Step 6 – Enable USB debugging on your LG G2. You can find this option under Settings> Developer options and then connects your device to the computer.

Step 7 – Run QPST configuration and click on Ports tab. Click on Add new port option.

Step 8 – Your current port should show as COM4/5.

Step 9 – Select the port and click OK. The port should come up on active phones.

Step 10 – Select the phone and click the Software Download option from Start clients menu.

Step 11 – Now click on Backup tab and you should see your phone’s port.

Step 12 – Click on Start to initiate backup and navigate to C: / Program Files/ QUALCOMM/ qpst/bin folder. Run RF_NV_Manager.

Step 13 – Click File> Read from phone and your phone’s IMEI number should appear on number 550; NV_IMEI_I

Step 14 – If you do not see item 550, do not panic. Click on File> Read supported RF NV items. Click on item 550. You would see 9 blank fields.

Step 15 – Now run IMEI Converter.exe and type your phone’s IMEI in Enter IMEI field. You can find your IMEI on your phone’s bill or the box your device came in.

Step 16 – Then click on <Convert IMEI> button and you should see 18 digits in groups of 9.

Step 17 – In RF_NV_Manager program, click on Hex by Write NV button and in the 9 boxes, type in the numbers from IMEI converter starting from left. Type in first group of two numbers in the first field, and then go to the next field and type in second 2 digits.

Step 18 – When you are done with doing this, click on Write NV option.

Step 19 – Then click File> Read from phone and item number 550 should appear now.

Step 20 – Disconnect the USB cable now and reboot you device.

Step 21 – At the end Open phone’s dialer and dial *#06# and you should see your phone’s IMEI now.

This is all what one has to do restore Lost IMEI on LG G2.

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  1. questions: The phone must be closed ? on download mode ? turned on and choose charge only ? or turned on and choose software mode?

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