Beelink X2 Android 4.4 TV Box Review

Beelink X2 TV Box 4K H.265 Decoding Here in at the present situation, it is quite an inevitable fact that you will have to get down to some or the other Android device for sure. And believe me there is quite some fun with, when you are looking for an Android TV, which can take care of all your needs. Well, if […] Check it out →

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini – Guide

Samsung_Galaxy_S5_mini_root copy The Galaxy S5 is one of Samsung’s newest and most popular Android devices, so there is no surprise that we have also received a Galaxy S5 Mini version of it. In case of already being the owner of this device and thinking of rooting it, you probably already know that this procedure will open up […] Check it out →

Use Android Device Manager as an anti-theft tool

Android-Device-Manager We all know thatAndroid Device Manager is a great tool and can be used for many purposes. It is very helpful when it comes to finding of misplaced phone but however, asides from being great at finding misplaced Android devices, it also can double as a theft deterrent device, enabling you to locate, lock, and […] Check it out →

HTC One E8 – Full Review

htc-one-e8-review Few of you would have seen and experienced the legendary HTC One M8 which is one of the best Smartphone 2014 will produce. This high-end device is a beauty and its build quality is matched by none. After this the new buzz is about the HTC One E8, a more affordable version of the One M8 that […] Check it out →

Best Android camera apps

Camera app Camera of a phone is a very important asset to capture precious moments. People take photos of everything, food, pets, and landscapes. We all know that our photos are incredibly important to us, those snaps that were fuzzy, in low light, or those that just simply don’t look right annoy us. When the moment is gone, it’s gone […] Check it out →

Disable OTA Update Notification on LG G3 without Root – Guide

disable-ota-update-lg_g3 All the Smartphone users will be well aware about OTA update. All Smartphone manufacturers send new software updates to their devices via OTA (Over the Air) at intervals and moreover the newer a device, the more frequently it gets software updates. These OTA updates sometimes bring new features and bug fixes, and sometimes they bring major OS upgrades. No matter what device we […] Check it out →

How to speed up Moto X for faster performance

MotoX-speedup The Moto X is available in the market with great grip and is a pretty speedy little beast already, due in most part to it near-stock Android OS, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it even faster. There are few tricks that you can play with to get the absolute fastest possible experience out of your […] Check it out →

How to remove Bloat ware on AT&T and Verizon LG G3 + Safe-to-Remove Apps

remove-bloatwarelg_g3 You will find bloat apps on whatever brand or mobile device you go for, irrespective of operating system. The term bloatware refers to the preinstalled apps that come with a mobile device or a computer. Bloats are usually injected by hardware manufacturers or OS vendors and are generally unwanted apps that are of no use to the end user. Bloat wares not only keeps […] Check it out →